WATCH: “I’m original, he’s copy” — Didier Drogba’s CHEEKY reply to IShowSpeed calling him ‘Pogba’s dad’

The two teams were made up of former football stars and popular celebrities, namely Team Chunkz and Team Aboflah.

WATCH: “I’m original, he’s copy” — Didier Drogba’s CHEEKY reply to IShowSpeed calling him ‘Pogba’s dad’

Didier Drogba was faced with an awkward question, put forward by IShowSpeed. (Image via The Sun and Bein Sports)

Fans hailed former Chelsea legend Didier Drogba’s cheeky response to an awkward question from YouTuber IShowSpeed after a charity match in Qatar. Speed questioned Drogba about Paul Pogba‘s dad, to which he humorously replied by claiming to be the original among the two.


Drogba and Speed were a part of the Match for Hope charity event in Qatar, which included football icons like Drogba, David Villa, Eden Hazard, and Roberto Carlos playing alongside celebrities. After the match, the former Chelsea forward was approached by Darren Watkins Jr, also known as IShowSpeed, who posed a baffling question. The popular YouTube streamer asked whether he was French midfielder Paul Pogba’s father.

The 45-year old former footballer, despite being taken aback by the question, gave a witty reply to Speed. He responded with humor, stating he was the original and Pogba was his copy. Drogba later added that he was joking and that the ex-Man Utd player was his brother. Social media users widely praised the former Marseille star’s response, highlighting their admiration for his wit and composure in handling the question.

Are you Pogba's dad?

Drogba replied,

No no, I am the original, he is the copy. That is my brother.

On the other hand, the charity match garnered significant attention from fans all around the world. The Match for Hope aimed to raise funds for education initiatives in six nations. It ended in a 7-5 win for Speed’s Team Chunkz, managed by Arsene Wenger.

IShowSpeed criticized for a horror tackle on Brazilian legend Kaka during a charity match in Qatar

Social media influencer and YouTuber, IShowSpeed was criticized by netizens and football fans for a horror tackle on Brazilian legend Kaka, during a charity ‘Match for Hope’ in Qatar. The influencer is said to have gone too far in the 2024 edition of the match.

Speed tackle on Kaka
IShowSpeed was criticized for a reckless tackle on Brazilian legend Kaka. (Image via Marca)

IShowSpeed was brought in as a substitute for Team Chunkz, after being initially benched by the team’s manager Arsene Wenger. Just after a few minutes of being brought on, the American streamer trailed Kaka, sliding and taking him down with a reckless tackle. The Ballon d’Or winner got back on his feet in a moment, while Speed was booked for the foul.

The tackle sparked widespread reactions from fans, with many expressing concern that the reckless challenge could have caused serious injury to the former AC Milan star. Some fans demanded that the YouTuber be barred from future football matches.


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