“It’s called having a SPINE”- Football Twitter lauds Eric Cantona for his bold take on “Free Palestine”

Eric Cantona has been long known to voice his political opinions in public.

“It’s called having a SPINE”- Football Twitter lauds Eric Cantona for his bold take on “Free Palestine”

Eric Cantona stands for Palestine (via Instagram/Eric Cantona)

The Israel-Hamas conflict and subsequent bombings on Gaza by Israel have shaken the world. People all across the globe have shared their opinions on the same. Social media is filled with reports and developments. Several footballers and professionals refrain from voicing their opinions on the same. However, former footballer and Manchester United legend Eric Cantona refused to follow suit.


The Frenchman has not been one to shy away from controversy. His speech in 2019 during the UEFA ceremony was one to remember. In his latest Instagram post, the legend shared his take on the ongoing crisis. He said that supporting human rights in Palestine does not make you “Pro-Hamas”. Moreover, “free Palestine” does not translate to “wanting all the Jews gone”, added Cantona.

Additionally, he clarified, that “free Palestine” means ending the “apartheid” imposed on the people by the Israel Government. Subsequently, he called to “free” the Palestinians from this “open-air” prison, and to free the children. Moreover, he also called to “free Palestinians” from the Israeli occupation. He also wants the people to receive “basic human rights”

It is to be noted that these were not Eric Cantona’s words, rather he reshared the post made by someone else (the credits to which were provided by the ex-player) via his account.


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Fans React to Eric Cantona’s BOLD post on Instagram

The 57-year-old has caused quite a stir on social media following his post and has been me with quite an appreciation for standing up for Palestine. The Frenchman has always been one to voice his opinions. In a previous speech of his, he said ‘Crimes and wars will multiply’. He is now forced to revisit his words.

Eric Cantona
Eric Cantona (via Palestine Chronicle)

A fan commented, “always so sound and mature about matters.” Another fan said, “This guy gets it,” while most said, “Listen to the king.” Here’s how fans reacted:

Cantona’s bold Instagram post has been a breath of fresh air. Clubs have gone as far as to suspend players who have posted or shared politically based opinions and views. Cantona’s post is understood to be not his ‘own’ words, but rather a repost from another account. However, his decision to voice his opinion has been met with much praise on social media.


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