“What happened to freedom of speech?” – Fans BASH Mainz 05 for suspending player who posted “Pro-Palestinian” Instagram story

El Ghazi joined the club just couple of weeks ago as free agent.

“What happened to freedom of speech?” – Fans BASH Mainz 05 for suspending player who posted “Pro-Palestinian” Instagram story

El Ghazi, Mainz 05 (Source: GOAL)

Bundesliga club Mainz 05 have suspended their player for posting politically sensitive content. In light of the recent Gaza bombings by Israel, several players and former footballers have voiced their own opinions. However, their actions rarely go without ramifications. It is customary for clubs and big organizations to distance themselves from ongoing political issues.


Recently, Mainz 05 announced their decision to suspend Anwar El Ghazi. The 28-year-old joined as a free agent just weeks ago, after his contract expired at PSV. The club’s decision to suspend their player has come as a shock to many. Moreover, the player only recently joined the club. Subsequently, he only made 1 appearance for Mainz before the suspension.

The club have clarified their decision on social media. The “since-deleted” post by the player has been identified as the reason for his suspension.

“The social media post does not align with the values of the club,” read a post by Mainz 05. “El Ghazi took a position in the ongoing conflict in the Middle East that was deemed unacceptable by the club.”


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Fans React to Anwar El Ghazi’s Suspension by FSV Mainz

Anwar El Ghazi’s suspension came as a shock to many. The club’s decision to relieve the player of his duties for a deleted Instagram post has caused quite a stir on social media. Fans on Twitter have taken to the comments, bashing the club for its decision. A fan opined, “What happened to freedom of speech,” while another pointed out “double standards”.

Mainz 05 suspend El Ghazi
Mainz 05 suspend El Ghazi (via Mainz)

Here’s how fans reacted:

Clubs getting to pick and choose which political issues to comment on and not comment on has received heavy backlash. Fans pointed to the Ukrainian war as an example. Fans have been spamming comments about Mainz getting relegated this season as well. A fan expressed sheer outrage at El Ghazi’s suspension. He called it “absolutely mental”.


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