Neymar Jr. in TEARS after suffering agonizing INJURY during Brazil’s defeat against Uruguay

Uruguay won 2-0 against a struggling Brazil.

Neymar Jr. in TEARS after suffering agonizing INJURY during Brazil’s defeat against Uruguay

Neymar Jr, Brazil (Source: Brazil news)

Al-Hilal and Brazil star Neymar Jr. has fallen victim to injury yet again. The 31-year-old has never had it easy with injuries, missing out on several important fixtures in the past. Misfortune struck yet again as the player was forced off the pitch in a 2-0 defeat to Uruguay. It was only last year that Neymar missed a significant part (130 days) of the season because of an ankle injury.


Neymar sustained an injury in the dying moments of the first half. The player was seen landing awkwardly on his left leg during a contest for the ball. Immediately afterward, he was seen clutching his leg and calling for assistance. He was then attended to and stretchered off the pitch. Neymar was in significant pain and was seen covering his face.

The player was in tears following his injury. Neymar’s injury is deemed to be serious. He recently had ankle surgery in March. A clip that surfaced after the match shows Neymar limping and on crutches. He cannot put weight on his left leg after a video shows his knee in an awkward position before his injury. Neymar’s recovery will determine his return.

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Brazil lose first ever World Cup Qualifier this Season against Uruguay

The South American heavyweights were up against Uruguay in the South American World Cup Qualifiers on Wednesday. The team were undefeated in their opening 6 games and were second ahead of the game against Uruguay. However, Brazil saw its fortune go bad. In a double whammy, Brazil lost both the game and their main player to injury. Fernando Diniz’s side fell 2-0 in their visit to Uruguay.

Brazil vs Uruguay
Brazil vs Uruguay (Source: X/GOAL)

Darwin Nunez‘s spectacular header propelled his side into the lead minutes before half-time. His bullet header caught Ederson off-guard as he headed home a cross from Maximiliano Araujo. Disaster struck Brazil right at half-time. The Brazilians lost their #10 to injury as he was stretchered off the pitch following a painful knee injury.

Richarlison replaced an injured Neymar. However, Brazil were unable to turn the game around in a largely frustrating evening. Nunez set another goal this time, finding Nicolas de la Cruz in the six-yard box. Rodrygo hit the post from far out from a free-kick. However, Sergio Rochet had a fairly easy night between the sticks. The loss meant Brazil were relegated to third in the table, behind Argentina and Uruguay.

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