“Winning games without this Robot” — Fans in splits as Erling Haaland admits he needed a ‘SHOT’ after Manchester City’s nerve-wracking win

Erling Haaland had a 'strange' way of celebrating Manchester City's thrilling victory over Newcastle United.

“Winning games without this Robot” — Fans in splits as Erling Haaland admits he needed a ‘SHOT’ after Manchester City’s nerve-wracking win

Erling Haaland's Instagram story (Via X/@433)

Erling Haaland was forced to sit out Manchester City‘s thrilling encounter against Newcastle United due to injury. The Norwegian watched from home as star midfielder Kevin De Bruyne returned from a serious injury that sidelined him for months. The Manchester City #9 posted a series of pictures on his Instagram story after the win, forcing a few good laughs among fans.


Haaland has credited his incredible goal-scoring ability to milk! Yes, the 6’4″ striker has admitted in the past that he owes his goal-scoring talent to his ‘secret potion’. He also posted a picture holding two milk bottles and captioned them as his secret potion. After the win against Newcastle as well, Haaland posted a picture of some milk in a shot glass, which he captioned:

Need a shot after that.
Erling Haaland on Instagram Stories

The picture came in a series of images, the first of which was his support for Kevin De Bruyne. The striker added a ‘crown’ emoji on top of De Bruyne’s head, praising him for his immaculate performance.

The second was that of him flexing his muscles, passionately celebrating the win. The third was that of the shot glass, which contained milk. Fans are in splits as they shared their reactions to the striker’s ‘milk shot’ post.


Fans react to Erling Haaland’s unique way of celebrating Manchester City’s win

Even though Erling Haaland watched along from the comfort of his home, fans noticed that the Norwegian striker was just as excited to see his team win against Newcastle United. His latest Instagram story has drawn a lot of attention for his unnatural way of cooling down after the tense game. A fan labelled Haaland as a very good boy for drinking milk and not alcohol.

Erling Haaland's Instagram story after Manchester City's win
Erling Haaland’s Instagram story after Manchester City’s win (Via X/@ErlingHaaland)

Others made fun of the striker for his ‘funny’ choice of drink. A fan said that Manchester City are winning games without Haaland, now that De Bruyne is back. Another said that the ‘cyborg’ drinking milk came off as surprising. His earlier picture, that of him celebrating by flexing his muscles, forced a few laughs as well. Moreover, his absence due to injury was seen as an occasion for fans to claim that City don’t even need him to win.

Another top comment read that Haaland was just relieved to see his ‘wife’ (KDB) back in action. The two have been crucial for City in the past season. As it stands, Manchester City are now within two points of table toppers Liverpool. After the game against Newcastle, they now face a more difficult challenge in Tottenham Hotspur on the road in the 4th round of the FA Cup.

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