Ex-AC Milan and Manchester City star close to serving prison term for R*PE in Brazil

Robinho has been without a club since 2020.

Ex-AC Milan and Manchester City star close to serving prison term for R*PE in Brazil

Robinho (Source: via YouTube/ UOL Esporte)

Former AC Milan star, Robinho could be headed to prison as the Brazilian has been convicted on charges of sexual assault during his time in AC Milan back in 2013. The news was released to the public back in 2017 when he and five other of his friends were accused of sexually assaulting an Albanian woman in a Milan club.

Due to legal restrictions, Brazil doesn’t extradite its citizens, potentially resulting in Robinho facing a nine-year jail term in his home country. Italian authorities have requested Brazil to prosecute the former Brazilian international and have him serve his sentence locally. Brazilian prosecutors support this idea, emphasizing that it not only holds the player accountable for his crime but also highlights the nation’s commitment to fighting crime and fostering judicial cooperation. They argue that failing to penalize the player would suggest football players can escape legal consequences.

Because of his conviction for rape, Robinho had to end his contract with his childhood club Santos. They were concerned about his legal situation in Italy. The 39-year-old expressed his thoughts on Instagram:

I'm here to tell you that I made the decision with the club president to suspend my contract at this troubled time in my life…if in any way I'm getting in the way, it's best I leave and focus on my personal things.

Since then, Robinho has been one step closer to serving his prison sentence in Brazil. Meanwhile, his lawyer claims that he and his friend’s relationship with the girl was consensual.

Will former AC Milan star, Robinho serve time in Prison?

While it seems Robinho could be on his way to prison, there is no assurance of it happening just yet. In previous incidents, Mason Greenwood‘s in particular, it is clear that football players to an extent, do have some amount of impunity in this world.

Robinho (Source: via Sky Sports)

Throughout football history, the darker side of football players is well known by the public. Even media outlets have covered several horrific stories about crimes committed by players who are well-loved across the world.

As Robinho’s case progresses further news is revealed. The chances of the player not serving prison are quite low but they do exist. It has already been seen that celebrities have gotten away with crimes the average citizen would be punished for… This case could also end up being one of them.

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