‘Good riddance, you smug, pink-haired prima donna’ – Piers Morgan lashes out at Megan Rapinoe following her NARCISSISTIC comments

Piers Morgan has also 'attacked' Megan Rapinoe in the past.

‘Good riddance, you smug, pink-haired prima donna’ – Piers Morgan lashes out at Megan Rapinoe following her NARCISSISTIC comments

(L-R) Megan Rapinoe, Piers Morgan. (Source: via CNN and BBC)

English broadcaster, Piers Morgan launched a verbal attack towards now-retired USWNT player, Megan Rapinoe after the latter made some comments which left a bad taste in his mouth. His ‘attack’ was done in the form of a written article in the New York Post.


Piers started his article by admitting his sympathy for the player as Megan Rapinoe on her final game as a professional football player tore her Achilles within just three minutes of the game. Guided out by medical staff, Piers pondered how unforgiving sports can be, even for its top performers.

However, his sympathy soon vanished after Rapinoe made a controversial statement in the post-match conference claiming:

If there was a God, this is proof that there isn’t.  

Piers retorted in his article that the incident was definitive proof of his existence and that he held the same idea as Rapinoe. He wrote:

Arrogant, pink-haired, self-promoting prima donna didn’t deserve the glorious send-off she so desperately craved. 

While reprimanding her for limited success in club-level competitions spanning over a decade, Piers transitioned to criticizing the player’s stance on equality. He expressed skepticism about her being a symbol of equality and condemned her for not visiting Trump, labeling him intolerant. Moreover, he pointed out a previous racist tweet directed at Hawaiian-born former US Olympic football player Natasha Kai in 2011, where he said she looked Asian with closed eyes.

Piers Morgan further attacked her on her ‘transgender’ stance and several other political views. He ended his article in a religious tone stating the bible verse, Proverbs 16:18, which talks about the downfall of people with pride.

Piers Morgan has ‘attacked’ Megan Rapinoe in the past

Piers Morgan has never hidden his disdain for the former USWNT as the English broadcaster was quick to tweet out a sarcastic ‘Oh No’ when Megan Rapinoe missed the penalty in her final World Cup appearance.

USWNT's Megan Rapinoe
Megan Rapinoe (Source: via GOAL)

Before this, the Englishman also launched an online attack on the player during the 2019 Women’s World Cup stating:

Ms Rapinoe sure does love herself. Can’t wait to see our Lionesses dent that stupendous ego.

While Piers Morgan himself remains a controversial figure, his viewpoints on Rapinoe have earned him a few fans abroad as they share the same views on Megan Rapinoe. ‘She is unlikeable’, they believe.

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