WATCH: “I am bored” – Former Manchester United player Gary Neville RANTS over ‘beloved’ club’s recent slump in form

Gary Neville fears his boyhood club's upcoming visit to Anfield.

WATCH: “I am bored” – Former Manchester United player Gary Neville RANTS over ‘beloved’ club’s recent slump in form

Gary Neville rants over Manchester United's slump in form. (Image via The Mirror & Sky Sports)

Manchester United legend Gary Neville currently a presenter for Sky Sports, has always been vocal about his old club. A boyhood fan, he has always shown support, even during tough times, and always claims his club will get out of any slump. But now Neville has said he has had no interest in watching his team play. 

After United’s loss to Newcastle United, Neville described that he was tired of watching his club play. He expressed his disappointment at the club performances and the entire saga behind it. He even added that he didn’t want to cover any more Manchester United matches as well, despite it being his job. 

I'm bored. I have become tired of my own club. I don't want to do their games anymore, I don't want to watch their games anymore and that is the saddest indictment that you can have of your football club when you become bored of watching them, when you become tired of watching them. It is not just me, a couple of people in the last couple of weeks have said, 'Enough's enough'.
Gary Neville on Sky Sports

Gary Neville expressed concern about the club’s future, worried that things might worsen. Despite Chelsea being 10th in the league, he doubts United’s ability to perform. The upcoming match at Anfield, in December, where United suffered a 7-0 defeat last season, adds to his apprehension.

The daft thing is, on Wednesday night I will build my whole Wednesday night around watching Manchester United. That's life, we go and watch them again, don't we? But that is how I feel: I feel tired of watching them. That is a sad position to be in. 

Neville is a former Red Devil turned fan and anticipates potential problems, like one, citing a lack of confidence from fans and the media. He believes the team consistently falls short and expresses dissatisfaction with their performance.

Manchester United’s tough test ahead!

Things are not looking good for the Red Devils, and it could get worse. They currently sit 7th in the league, with 8 wins and 6 losses. They have failed to beat any team in the top 8 as well.

Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag
Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag (via Daily Star)

At the same time, they sit bottom of their Champions League group while having to face Bayern Munich next. 

Now, a tough test ahead looms over United in December. They will play Chelsea, Bournemouth, Bayern, Liverpool, West Ham, and Aston Villa in just 22 days. This will also be Erik ten Hag’s make or break, as bad performances could lead to his sacking. 

Although Manchester United are just 5 points away from the Champions League spot, their current form and fixtures don’t look like it would help them.


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