Fans rejoice Anthony Taylor’s demotion to the Championship

Taylor's demotion to the Championship followed a controversial penalty call.

Fans rejoice Anthony Taylor’s demotion to the Championship

Anthony Taylor and Chelsea players (via X/CFC_Janty)

The Premier League has had no shortage of questionable refereeing decisions. From shaky offside calls to huge red-card decisions, refereeing in one of the biggest leagues has been subject to scrutiny for a long time running. Lately, the reputation of VAR and refereeing took a big hit in the Prem, when Simon Hooper and Darren England wrongfully canceled a Liverpool goal.


Anthony Taylor, a 45-year-old English referee, known for controversial decisions, is now demoted to the Championship. Meanwhile, fans upset with his calls against their teams are celebrating on football Twitter.

His demotion follows a contentious penalty call against Wolves last weekend. Taylor awarded a penalty to Newcastle in the dying minutes of the first half, to the dismay of many Wolves fans. The penalty was scored, and the game ended 2 goals apiece, further causing more outrage. Moreover, Wolves players and Head coach Gary O’Neil labeled the decision as ‘scandalous’.

Even, the opposition, Newcastle United boss Eddie Howe admitted that the penalty call was debatable. Anthony Taylor has been demoted for the first time in 4 years.


Fans react to Anthony Taylor’s demotion to the Championship

Premier League referee Anthony Taylor has been the ‘nightmare’ of many teams and their fans. His controversial decisions and game management have been under criticism for several seasons now. However, his demotion to the Championship has called for celebration. A fan commented, “The evil he has done is enough.”

Anthony Taylor during Wolves vs Newcastle
Anthony Taylor during Wolves vs Newcastle (via X/@CentreGoals)

“This decision took so long,” said another. Here are some of the fans’ reactions:

From the reactions of fans, online, to the news of the demotion of the referee, it is clear that the majority was not happy with him. Some amusing comments included: ‘He needs real officiating lessons,’ ‘Send him to Sunday League,’ and ‘I hoped for this.’ A fan even said that Anthony Taylor should be banned from officiating in football altogether, however, sending him to a lower-ranked league sounds like a good start.

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