FIFA to revolutionize data tracking in football, approves the use AI sensors in boots

FIFA has recently allowed trackers to be used in football boots which can potentially become a cheat code in the game.

FIFA to revolutionize data tracking in football, approves the use AI sensors in boots

FIFA President Gianni Infantino (Source: FIFA)

The International Association Board and FIFA have decided to modernize football to a whole new level. They have recently approved artificial intelligence sensor technology for data tracking during official matches. The innovative technology was developed by Playermaker in 2019.

The technology gathers information on technical balance, kicking, velocities, speed, distance, acceleration, and time on the ball. The sensors attach to players’ boots and capture the data. It has since become a historical device, the first used in lower-body tracking in modern football, taking it to a new level.


Playermakers have already received recognition from over 200 professional clubs, including treble winners Manchester City. The aim is to raise player performance to a whole new level by allowing players and coaches to analyze unique skills and tactics during training and matches.

FIFA’s approval makes a ground-breaking achievement as it underlines the potential of technology to impact the game significantly. The company’s CEO, Guy Aharon, is excited about the future. He believes sport and technology have come a long way into being friends, and they can achieve big things in a minute’s time. FIFA’s acknowledgment certainly marks their intent to promote the growth and improvement of the game as the world awaits the execution.

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Manchester City might face Urawa Red Diomond on Club Leon to win their first FIFA Club World Cup

Manchester City’s impressive journey continues as they prepare to participate in the FIFA Club World Cup. It promises to be another exhilarating chapter in their storied season. The draw has set the stage for a potential showdown against either Club Leon or Urawa Red Diamonds. The two teams will undoubtedly provide a stern test for the European champions.

city feature
Manchester City won their first UCL (Image credits: Manchester City website)

With their recent successes in the Champions League and other competitions, City is determined to extend their remarkable form to the global stage. The anticipation is building for football fans eagerly awaiting the tournament’s commencement on December 12.

Manchester City’s participation showcases their dominance in European football and their aspiration to conquer the world stage. As they embark on this thrilling journey, they aim to etch their name in the annals of football history by adding the FIFA Club World Cup to their impressive list of achievements for the season.


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