World Cup winner Alexis Mac Allister gives his verdict on Steven Gerrard versus Frank Lampard debate

Mac Allister also talks about the different stadium atmospheres in the Premier League.

World Cup winner Alexis Mac Allister gives his verdict on Steven Gerrard versus Frank Lampard debate

Alexis Mac Allister (L- via: GOAL) Steven Gerrard (R-Top- via: Arabian Business), Paul Scholes (R-Middle- via: Transfermarkt, and Frank Lampard (R-bottom- via: IMDB)

World Cup-winning midfielder with Argentina and new Liverpool signing, Alexis Mac Allister has voiced his opinion of the best midfielder in legends of the league. When asked by an interviewer from the club, Mac Allister answered in a second. He supported his club legend Steven Gerrard as the best midfielder. He ranked him above Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes.

This response made his stance clear as a true Red. The player idolizes the former Liverpool skipper and bases his own gameplay on him. He went even further to rank Liverpool’s Anfield as the best stadium. Leaving Lampard’s former Etihad Stadium and Scholes’ Old Trafford out of the top three.


With his loyal support towards the club and its essence, Mac Allister is solidifying his name in the hearts of Liverpool locals as a true scouser. While his response could also be considered safe, even Paul Scholes confessed on a recent YouTube video that Gerrard was better than him.

Pep Guardiola was another prominent figure asked to weigh in on the debate who shared a surprising response. He ranked Scholes above Gerrard, saying that he is his‘favorite’. Mac Allister’s opinion adds freshness to the debate.

Meanwhile, Kevin De Bruyne is another player who could soon be involved among the three when he hangs up his boots. Mac Allister had ranked De Bruyne after Andres Iniesta and above Luka Modric.


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Alexis Mac Allister talks about his struggles in Liverpool

Alexis Mac Allister, the recent addition to Liverpool’s midfield from Brighton, has shared a humorous yet relatable challenge he’s facing in his new footballing journey. While he’s been positively impacting the pitch for the Reds, he confessed to struggling with understanding the accents of his teammates Trent Alexander-Arnold and Curtis Jones.

Alexis Mac Allister signs for Liverpool.
Alexis Mac Allister (Source: via @LFC)

This lighthearted admission sheds light on the linguistic diversity within football teams. Where players from various nationalities and regions come together. Mac Allister’s versatility has been displayed in his early appearances for Liverpool. He has showcased his ability to adapt to different roles in the midfield.


Mac Allister’s adaptation in the Merseyside includes learning the Scouse accent, highlighting his commitment to team unity. This further suggests that players from diverse backgrounds unite for a common goal of- ‘playing the beautiful game of football’.

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