TV star Fred Sirieix reveals BIZZARE story of Premier League star having s*x in restaurant

Fred did not reveal details of the player who 'got lucky' at the restaurant.

TV star Fred Sirieix reveals BIZZARE story of Premier League star having s*x in restaurant

Fred Sirieix (via Daily Mail)

French TV personality, Fred Sirieix, recently revealed the details of an incident which took place at one of the restaurants he worked at. Sirieix, in his book, disclosed that a Premier League star had s*x in the ladies washroom at the ever-popular restaurant.


Fred Siriex, who is known for being the face of the ‘First Dates’ reality TV show, is known to have encountered several celebrities during his time on the show. He is known to have revealed multiple secrets in his book titled, ‘Secret Service: Lifting the Lid’. In a similar manner, Fred revealed the details of a 2017 incident related to an unknown Premier League star.

A renowned Premier League star, whose name is yet to be disclosed by Fred, was visiting a restaurant with his female companion, while Fred was busy with his guests. The star and his female companion ordered some dishes, and halfway through their meal, both of them rose up and went towards the female washroom. Fred revealed that they spent around 15 minutes inside the same cubicle in the washroom, before stepping out, convinced that the couple might have had s*x inside the washroom.

Fred later added that the footballer might have enjoyed his meal at the restaurant, and made a second visit to the place a few weeks later, now with his wife. Fred’s revelations may have created a lot of chaos amongst fans trying to wonder who the player might be.


Who is Fred Sirieix?

Fred Sirieix, the French TV personality, is best known for his role as maitre d’hotel in the British TV shows First Dates and BBC’s Million Pound Menu. Sirieix has been associated with the hospitality industry for a very long time.

Fred Sirieix on the show, First Dates
Fred Sirieix on the show, First Dates (via MetroUK)

Fred Sirieix, who grew up in France, started his culinary journey at a fancy restaurant there. Seeking better opportunities, he moved to London and worked as a waiter in many top-notch restaurants. Later, he became the general manager at the Hilton restaurant. His career took off when he joined various TV shows.

Recognized for his excellence, Sirieix received the Manager of the Year award from Cateys. He became known to a wider audience through the ITV show ‘Gino, Gordon, and Fred: Road Trip,’ alongside chefs Gordon Ramsey and Gino D’Acompo. Currently, he’s part of the popular TV show ‘I am a Celebrity, Get me out of here.’ Additionally, Sirieix has written several books for the hospitality industry.

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