Gerard Pique and Clara Chia hijack one more house of Shakira in Barcelona: Reports

The couple has moved into the mansion formerly occupied by Gerard Pique and Shakira.

Gerard Pique and Clara Chia hijack one more house of Shakira in Barcelona: Reports

Gerard Pique, Clara Chia and Shakira (Credit: Instagram and Marca)

Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti have been in a relationship for nearly two years now, having started dating while Pique was still involved with Colombian singer Shakira, whom he had been with for 11 years. When Shakira discovered that he was cheating on her with Clara Chia, the news brought immense pain and heartbreak. As a result, Shakira made the difficult decision to end their relationship and subsequently moved out of their shared home in Barcelona to start a new chapter with their children in Miami.

Despite facing hate from Shakira fans, Gerard Pique and Clara Chia have remained resilient as a couple, with rumors of marriage persisting. Meanwhile, Shakira has rejuvenated her musical career with new songs since their split.


When the former FC Barcelona defender and his 24-year-old girlfriend went to his brother’s wedding together, many speculated that Pique will soon propose to her. However, those reports were proved to be inaccurate. But now, they have decided to take the next step in their relationship.

Currently, Pique and Clara Chia share a flat in Barcelona, which Pique has occupied since his breakup with Shakira. However, the couple has now made the exciting decision to upgrade their living situation by moving into a lavish mansion located slightly outside the city.

The decision of Pique and Clara Chia to move into the mansion has given rise to another rumor, indicating that this was the very place where Pique and Shakira lived together during the initial months of her move to Spain. This revelation has reportedly upset the singer.


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Gerard Pique used to host parties at a secret property

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique (Credit: Getty)

Pique reportedly used to host secret get-togethers in a property in Barcelona. This was during his relationship with Shakira. Many people speculated that he used to live there with her.

However, the place was reportedly used to host huge functions with numerous people. He was always cautious about the location as he didn’t want any journalists to know about it. The parties allegedly did not stop even after the birth of his children, Milan and Sasha.


The clash of desires with his former partner, Shakira, who preferred a stress-free and homely life, led to a cessation of their once lively parties following their breakup. Now, he finds solace in the vibrant nightlife scene alongside his new girlfriend, Clara Chia, frequently venturing into nightclubs and bars.

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