Gerard Pique makes his relationship with Clara Marti official via Instagram just two weeks after Shakira’s diss track

Just weeks after Shakira's controversial You Tube hit, Pique goes official on Instagram as he shares a selfie with new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti

Gerard Pique makes his relationship with Clara Marti official via Instagram just two weeks after Shakira’s diss track

Gerard Pique posing in a selfie with Clara Chia Marti. Image Via Pique's Instagram page

After their controversial split in 2022, Former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and Shakira have been in an emotional battle. The King’s League president has been in a toxic feud with the Colombian singer Shakira after her latest release saw her dissing Pique, for which she received both appreciation and criticism.

In the latest addition to the current drama going on, Gerard Pique went official with his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti on Instagram. The new couple shared a selfie, while Pique calmly rested his face next to a smiling Clara Marti. The selfie was shared on Pique’s official Instagram page after just a few weeks after Shakira’s controversial song with Bizarrap was released.

Pique, who is currently 35, recently started dating Spanish model Clara Chia Marti, who is 23 years old. Fans had much to say about the couple’s latest selfie amidst the controversy between Shakira and Gerard Pique. The ex-couple was together for 12 years, before parting ways just 7 months ago.

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Shakira and Bizarrap released their latest hit, BZRP music session #53.

The Colombian singer recently released a controversial song with Bizarrap called BZRP music session #53. She took an apparent aim at ex-Gerard Pique and his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti. Shakira criticized Pique and Clara, who’s 23, for their age gap.  “I’m worth two 22’s,” Shakira mentioned in her song.

The song, which was released on 12 January, already has 205 million views on YouTube as fans seem to enjoy what Shakira has to say about Pique’s latest relationship. Shakira also said in her song that Pique ” traded a Ferrari for a Twingo,” and “You traded a Rolex for a Casio….”Interestingly, Pique had a reply to Shakira’s song, as just a few days after the release, Pique signed a sponsorship with Casio for the King’s League.

Pique stayed quiet on why he chose to sign a contract with Casio amidst the feud; however, Argentinian legend, and former Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero, who was present at that time, said, ” It was because of Shakira’s song.” Is this the end of a controversial drama, or will the ex-couple continue their feud amidst Pique’s establishment of the King’s league, or is there more in store for football fans?

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