Gerard Pique will betray Clara Chia just like he betrayed Shakira, claims renowned paparazzi

Jordi Martin labels Pique as a despicable human and a serial cheater.

Gerard Pique will betray Clara Chia just like he betrayed Shakira, claims renowned paparazzi

Jordi Martin with bold claims ( credits- El Universo)

A reporter for El Gordo and La Falca, Jordi Martín, verbally incinerated Gerard Pique for betraying Shakira‘s trust. Martin, a close associate of Shakira and an insider in the constantly boiling Pique-Shakira broth, said that Pique would betray Clara Chia Marti the same way he cheated on Shakira. Clara Chia was the woman Pique got involved with while dating the Colombian.

Jordi has used strong adjectives to describe Pique‘s personality. During an interview with the magazine, Quien, he described the whole saga of Pique and Shakira as a sorry affair for the Colombian singer. Pique was unfaithful to Shakira as revealed last year. He said, “Honestly, I know him, and Piqué is a despicable being. What has happened is that Shakira had a blindfold on her. She trusted, she was super in love, she never thought that this betrayal was going to happen and the truth has made me feel sorry for her this last year.”


Martin also said Pique is bound to do the same to his current girlfriend, Clara Chía. Media speculates Pique to marry Clara, however, Jordi has some other opinions on Pique. “This guy will come back and do it to Clara Chía. What he has done to Shakira he will do to Clara Chía; That must be clear,” said Jordi, expecting Pique’s relationship to not last.

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Gerard Pique’s dad, Joan Pique reacts to rumours of Gerard getting married

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Pique and his dad (Credits- Imago)

The highly publicized breakup of Gerard Pique and his longtime partner Shakira took place more than a year ago. Since then, rumors and conjectures regarding Pique’s upcoming romantic move have circulated. According to recent rumors, the soccer legend may be thinking about getting married to Clara Chia Marti, unlike during his 11-year engagement with Shakira.


Due to the recent marriage of Marc Pique, the younger brother of the former Barcelona star, the Pique family is currently in the midst of wedding season. Gerard and Clara were present during the wedding. This resulted in the spread of even more rumors regarding their own prospective wedding.

As he was questioned about Clara and Gerard’s wedding arrangements, Joan Pique‘s expression grew grim. He made the decision to leave after expressing his displeasure with the question. But he couldn’t help making a harsh remark before he left. He looked away from the cameras and stated, “It’s not my problem.”



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