Gerrard Pique spotted hand-in-hand with girlfriend Clara Chia at brother’s wedding

The couple was spotted dressed up for the ceremony of Marc Pique's wedding.

Gerrard Pique spotted hand-in-hand with girlfriend Clara Chia at brother’s wedding

Clara Chia and Pique spotted (Credits- Marca)

Gerrard Pique arrived at his brother’s wedding with his girlfriend, Clara Chia. Marc Pique got married to his longtime girlfriend Maria Valls. Gerrard attended his brother’s wedding with Clara, the same woman with whom Gerrard cheated on his ex-partner Shakira.

The combined public appearance of Pique and Clara just shows the growing acceptance of the couple. This appearance of Clara and Pique would not be liked by Pique’s ex-wife, Shakira. Shakira even denied permission for her and Pique’s kids to attend Marc’s wedding.


Her reason for not allowing her kids to go to the wedding was simple. She did not want them around Clara Chia in any way. However, Clara’s presence at the wedding was always sure. María Valls, the bride, and Clara have been longtime friends and have known each other prior to Pique’s relationship with the latter.

The couple dressed according to the wedding requirements. The dress code for the occasion was “flowing, showy and colorful dresses” for women, and black suits with ties for the men. Pique attended the event in a navy-blue suit and Clara meanwhile donned a rose-gold dress piece. Meanwhile, Shakira has released a new song of hers.

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Shakira heads off for a vacation

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Shakira at the airport (Credits: Twitter/@glendaumanah)

Days after Shakira’s kids arrived back in the US, Shakira and the kids are immediately off to their next trip. The kids, Sasha and Milan were dropped home by their father, Gerrard Pique. Pique rushed back home immediately to attend his brother’s wedding.

Although the kids were expected to be at the wedding, permission for them to attend the event was denied by Shakira. The kids are not supposed to meet Clara Chia, Pique’s girlfriend. The kids did get a vacation to Costa Rica with their mom. They shortly flew to the beaches of Costa Rica for a retreat.

Shakira was in Costa Rica, and this was revealed by journalist Glenda Umaña. “Guys, my heart is pounding, you don’t know what just happened. We are here in Costa Rica at the hotel, I won’t say which one, and we just saw Shakira with her children. She is here in Costa Rica. I chased her and chased her, but she’s gone” said the journalist.



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