WATCH: Germany squad’s OUTRAGEOUS rules at the 2023 Women’s World Cup

The rules ranged from players checking their own urine to how to dress while sleeping.

WATCH: Germany squad’s OUTRAGEOUS rules at the 2023 Women’s World Cup

Laura Freigang reveals ridiculous rules teams had to follow. (Screengrabs from a video via X)

In a new documentary called “Born for This” based on the Germany Women’s National Football Team’s run from the Women’s Euro 2022 to their eventual failure in the 2023 Women’s World Cup Finals. In the recent episodes of the documentary, Lina Magull and Laura Freigang took the camera crew on a tour of their room and revealed the absurd rules they had to follow.

Magull and Freigang were roommates during the 2023 Women’s World Cup. When the camera crew knocked on their door and asked if they could see what was inside, Magull informed them that what they were about to see was not exciting. They first showed the view from their balcony, which overlooks a beautiful lake. 


Magull excitedly shared that upon entering their room, she discovered stickers and “hidden hints.” Leading them to the kitchen, she revealed the first unusual rule:

Drink water all day and check your urine.

With a touch of sarcasm, she considered checking that right away. While she acknowledged the good intentions behind the instructions, she found them unnecessary.

Moving on, they guided the crew to another room with a quirky guideline. Freigang humorously expressed uncertainty about what to wear to sleep but fortunately found a guideline on that too.


In a playful moment captured in the documentary Born for This, they debated the correct sleeping position, with Freigang singing the German National Anthem while jokingly placing her arm on her chest. Another instruction surfaced, emphasizing that the bed’s sole purpose was for sleeping.

Germany Women’s National Football Team lows in a year

The German Women’s team started their Euros 2022 with a bang. They won every game in their group stage, beating Denmark, Spain, and Finland with ease. They scored 9 goals and did not concede a single goal in their group matches. 

German women's football team
German women’s football team were knocked out of the Group stages (Image via beIN Sports)

The German women’s team faced Austria, the 2017 Euros semi-finalists, in the quarter-finals. Goals by Lina Magull and Alexandra Popp secured their spot in the next round. In the semis against unbeaten France, Popp’s double propelled them to the finals, eyeing their 9th Euro.


In the final against England at Wembley Stadium, Ella Ann Toone’s 62nd-minute goal was matched by Magull. The game went into extra time, but Germany conceded in the 110th minute, missing their first Euro title.

Leading up to the 2023 Women’s World Cup, Germany won 6 of 10 matches, beating teams like France and the USA. In the World Cup, despite a 6-0 win over Morocco, they drew with Colombo and South Korea, failing to advance from the group stage.

Currently leading their 2023/24 UEFA Nations League group with 12 points, Germany faces Wales. A win takes them to the Nations League A finals, competing against other group leaders.


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