Ex-NFL star and Burnley co-owner JJ Watt fires shots at Premier League refereeing — ‘TRULY DISGRACEFUL!’ Fans ‘love’ his passionate rant on VAR!

Watt slammed VAR on social media after a disputed Luton Town goal against Burnley.

Ex-NFL star and Burnley co-owner JJ Watt fires shots at Premier League refereeing — ‘TRULY DISGRACEFUL!’ Fans ‘love’ his passionate rant on VAR!

J.J Watt (R) criticized Luton Town's equalizer and blamed VAR. (Via X/@MenInBlazers & BBC)

The backlash against Premier League refereeing and VAR is no new occurrence in England’s top flight. The most recent big-name star to lash out against a seemingly ‘shocking’ error made by VAR came from Burnley co-owner JJ Watt. The moment came in the 92nd minute of the game, as Elijah Adebayo seemingly ‘barged into’ Burnley keeper James Trafford in the build-up to Carlton Morris’ equalizer.

Former NFL star and veteran JJ Watt became a minority owner of the club back in May of last year. After being witness to the incident, the former NFL star took to social media and slammed into the decision-making in the league.

His caption clearly expressed his distaste towards the decision to let the goal stand.

I’m new to this ownership thing, so if I get fined by the Premier League, so be it…

Watt made it clear from the start that he was unbothered about the potential ramifications the ‘rant’ could bring. He continued:

To miss this on the field AND miss this on VAR is truly disgraceful.

Further, JJ Watt said that the ‘foul’ made by Elijah Adebayo was as ‘blatant’ and ‘obvious’ as any foul could have been. He was surprised as to how both the referees and the VAR could have missed such an incident. His words proved to be hurtful in the end, as the video clipping posted by Watt was suspended for copyright reasons.

His Twitter account was also ‘locked’ due to copyright infringement within an hour of posting his ‘rant’ and a video of the foul.

Fans react to JJ Watt and his passionate rant about VAR

NFL star and former Houston Texans defensive lineman JJ Watt let his emotions get the better of him during an incident in Burnley vs Luton Town. Earlier, Watt also ranted during a VAR controversy during the Burnley – Aston Villa clash. He expressed frustration in a series of Twitter posts and replies as fans joined in on the commotion. Watt’s reply to a video of the initial ‘foul’ had him questioning in which would was that not a foul.

Luton Town's equalizer against Burnley
Luton Town’s equalizer against Burnley. (Via X/@MenInBlazers)

Another commented that the League had an agenda against Burnley to let the goal stand. Others made fun of how Watt was unfamiliar with the copyright laws of the Premier League and predicted that his account would be suspended in a while (which happened). Some took the occasion to give Watt a nice, warm welcome to the Premier League. Here are some of the fans’ reactions:

Some even said that VAR in the Premier League is worse than the NFL, with one even ‘labeling’ it as ‘cowboy territory’. Many, however, were unconvinced that the incident was indeed a foul. Part of the blame was given to James Trafford, who went down ‘too easily’ after being tumbled into by Elijah Adebayo. Despite the result, both Burnley and Luton Town remain in the relegation spot. Burnley are on 12 points while their visitors are 4 points ahead on 16.

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