Jack Grealish’s mansion ransacked by thieves during Manchester City vs Everton: Report

The concerning case of thievery ia increasing in the Premier League!

Jack Grealish’s mansion ransacked by thieves during Manchester City vs Everton: Report

Jack Grealish and Sasha Attwood (Via X/@CentreGoals)

Manchester City star Jack Grealish was in for some horrifying news after Wednesday’s game against Everton. The Man City #10 was featured in a 3-1 win as family and friends cheered for the Englishman from the comfort of his home. However, things quickly took a wrong turn when the family was alerted of the presence of intruders. It was reported that £1 million worth of jewelry was stolen from the player’s residence.

Grealish played the full 90 minutes against Everton in an emphatic comeback win. At this time, the intruders chose to break into his ‘new’ residence.

Ten people, including Grealish’s fiance Sasha Attwood, his parents, and siblings were watching the City game downstairs when the were alerted of their presence upstairs. The family was forced to take cover inside the mansion and hit panic buttons fearing for themselves.

The police immediately arrived at the scene, but not even a helicopter search could help the authorities identify the assailants. Since Grealish had only moved into the mansion just before Christmas, it was the first time that his family had visited the place. The footballing community has offered it’s support to Grealish and his family during this hard time.

Kurt Zouma, Jack Grealish and many more – The concerning case of thievery in the Premier League

Even though the Premier League boasts some of the best teams in Europe, it isn’t without its faults. It is no rarity that the luxurious homes and mansions of players are robbed and ransacked, especially while they are on duty and not at home. Several similar cases have occurred, ranging from Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling, Victor Lindelof and João Cancelo.

Kevin De Bruyne, Victor Lindelof and Dele Alli
Kevin De Bruyne, Victor Lindelof, and Dele Alli have all had their residences robbed by thieves. (Via Goal.com, BBC and Sky News)

As a result, footballers have adopted extreme security measures to safeguard their homes from this unsettling ‘trend’ of events occurring all over Europe. As for the Premier League, players have taken to acquiring guard dogs, geofences (invisible sensors), private security staff, and built-in panic rooms. These ‘rooms’ will have separate phone lines and alarm systems.

It was only weeks ago that Kurt Zouma and his family were subject to a terrifying robbery. This, however, occurred while he was at home with his family as the robbers stole £100K in cash and jewelry. In contrast to this incident, robbers strategically plan their attacks when the players are away on club/international duty or vacation. This ends up in the players’ families being subject to terrible situations, often being bound and tied up. Such cases have also been observed in Ligue 1 and Spain.

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