Javier Tebas issues first statement after Vinicius’ racial abuse incident, says ‘LaLiga takes care’ of its players

Javier Tebas offers an apology to Vinicius Jr.

Javier Tebas issues first statement after Vinicius’ racial abuse incident, says ‘LaLiga takes care’ of its players

Javier Tebas apologizes to Vinicus Jr. (credits to Mirror)

In the fight between Vinicius Jr and the lenient rules of the Spanish League regarding racism, Javier Tebas the President of the league has now apologized to the Brazilian player for what happened during the match against Valencia. On Wednesday the President apologized to the player.

Vinicius Jr was racially abused by some Valencia fans last Sunday the Brazilian winger soon reported this incident to the President of the league by writing on Twitter, “Once again, instead of criticizing racists, the president of La Liga appears on social media to attack me. As much as you talk and pretend not to read, the image of your championship is shaken.”

He further wrote, “See the responses to your posts and have a surprise… Omitting yourself only makes you equal to racists. I’m not your friend to talk about racism. I want actions and punishments.”

But instead of standing with the player at that time, Javier Tebas replied, “Since those who should not explain to you what it is and what it can do @LaLiga. In case of racism, we have tried to explain it to you, but you have not shown up on either of the two agreed dates that you requested yourself.”

The President further wrote, “Before criticizing and insulting @LaLiga, you must inform yourself properly @Vinijr. Do not let yourself be manipulated and make sure you fully understand each other’s competencies and the work we have been doing together.”

After this comment, the President has recently been into controversies for not taking steps to eliminate racism from the league. As per reports Tebas also received a warning letter from the President of Brazil to overcome the racial comments and racism. And soon after all these controversies, Javier Tebas wrote an apology message to Vinicius Jr on Wednesday. The President wrote, “I feel sorry for what happened, and that’s why we denounced it. And we didn’t just denounce it, we took special actions at his games.

“We spoke to the clubs so that they could provide more security, identify fans. LaLiga takes care of Vinicius. And, if they misunderstood what happened I have to apologize.”

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What all actions were taken by La Liga and Spanish FA after the Vinicius Jr. racial abuse incident?

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La Liga President Javier Tebas. (credits to Google)

The sporting director from the start was defending the club and its fans. The investigation took place after few days of the incident. And after the investigation, a total of five fans were arrested for racially abusing the player.

The club imposed a lifetime ban on all five players from coming to the stadium. And after the incident, the President of the league assured the players, clubs, and fans. That people racially abusing anyone will not be spared.

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