La Liga president makes a BIZARRE claim, says Luis Rubiales’ reputational damage is ‘bigger than 9/11’

Jorge Vilda and Luis Rubiales both have lost their jobs over the 'Kissgate' scandal.

La Liga president makes a BIZARRE claim, says Luis Rubiales’ reputational damage is ‘bigger than 9/11’

Javier Tebas (Source: La Liga)

La Liga President, Javier Tebas has made an outrageous statement over Luis Rubiales’ ‘kissgate’ scandal. The President has claimed that the reputational damage done to Spanish Football due to Luis Rubiales is worse than the devastating event, 9/11.

Luis Rubiales had revealed his resignation in an interview with Piers Morgan. Less than a day later, La Liga President Javier Tebas stated in a press conference that he did not wish to comment as he had not seen the entirety of the interview yet. “I am not going to speak,” he said. Further stating, “We have gone from a suspended or resigned president. I will wait for your statements. I am not going to comment on his management, you know.”

The President then spoke about the reputational damage done to Spanish football by Luis Rubiales.“The reputational damage being done to Spanish football is tremendous. It’s the biggest digital media story in history. Bigger than 9/11,” Tebas stated. Unaware of the ignorant comment he made he continued to emphasize that the ‘reputational damage’ must be saved or else it is going to cost Spain a lot.

9/11 was a horrible day for those who were directly involved and for those watching. Nearly 3,000 people passed away. Javier Tebas compared a human tragedy to a sports scandal. Quite naive, to be honest, but these words are out in the open now. Talking about ‘reputational damage’, Tebas must get ready to face the trolls from the netizens for now.

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Luis Rubiales’ resignation timeline

(L-R) Jorge Vila, Luis Rubiales
(L-R) Jorge Vila, and Luis Rubiales. (Source: via SkySports)

Luis Rubiales overshadowed Spain’s World Cup achievement by kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the medal ceremony. Rubiales was then condemned for his actions. Expected to resign, the President stated that he was not going to resign which was met with applause by the former coach Jorge Vilda, but heat from the footballing community. During this time, Hermoso made it publicly official that the kiss was never consensual in its nature.

The player even revealed that she was contacted by the Spanish and FA, along with her family, to come out and say that the kiss was a ‘non-issue’. After their attempts fell apart the FA would then proceed to lodge a legal complaint against Jenni Hermoso, releasing photos of the ‘said’ incident with analysis that proved that the kiss was consensual and friendly in its nature.

Since then FIFA intervened and placed a 90-day suspension of Luis Rubiales from all football-related activities. Now, a week back Jorge Vilda was sacked as Spain Women’s Team head coach. And now, in an interview with Piers Morgan, Luis Rubiales finally revealed his resignation as President of the Spanish FA. All these events took place in the span of a month.

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