WATCH: Messi and Argentine army JUMP FENCES to try and stop police from beating Argentine crowd during WC Qualifiers vs Brazil

A massive brawl broke out ahead of the Argentina vs. Brazil match at the Maracana stadium.

WATCH: Messi and Argentine army JUMP FENCES to try and stop police from beating Argentine crowd during WC Qualifiers vs Brazil

Lionel Messi and crowd (via X)

A gnarly brawl broke out between Argentina and Brazil fans prior to the much-awaited kick-off. The game between both teams got delayed due to a huge fight between their fans. Intervention and subsequent ‘attack’ by Brazilian security officials meant that the game had to be delayed. In an effort to put a stop to the fight, the Argentine players were seen jumping the fences to approach the area where the fight was happening.

Brazil hosted Argentina at the Maracanã Stadium for the first time since the Copa America final in 2021. Argentina clinched the victory thanks to a goal from Nicolas Otamendi in the 63rd minute. The historic fixture was overshadowed by the incident in the stands, where Brazil police officers were seen beating the Argentine crowd with batons and physical force.


It is understood that the brawl broke out when the National anthems of either team were being played. As a fight broke out, Brazilian security officials approached the Argentine crowd. In retaliation, the visiting fans threw chairs at the police, who then charged on the crowd.

Lionel Messi and his teammates jumped the barriers and approached the hostile crowd in an attempt to calm down the situation. Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez was seen fighting off the Brazilian police, who were attacking the Argentina fans. There was commotion all over.

Argentina fan rushed to medical attention as police attack fans

Chaos broke out between the fans of Argentina and Brazil prior to the kick-off match. Argentina fans were at the receiving end of a ‘baton charge’ by Brazilian police and security officials in the stadium. As seen in a video of the incident, several unsuspecting fans were subject to a ‘baton charge’ by the police. An unlucky Argentinian was immediately seen clutching his head after getting hit with a baton.

Argentina fan
Argentina fan injured (via X)

As per reports, Argentine fans retaliated by throwing chairs from the stadium at the police. Many sustained injuries while others were seen ‘bleeding’ in the aftermath of the incident. Players from either team tried to intervene, but to no avail. Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martìnez was seen ‘manhandling’ an officer who was ‘beating’ people in the Argentine crowd.

Subsequently, the game was suspended for over 30 minutes, after Argentine players took to the dressing room. A game which saw 40 fouls committed, 3 yellow cards and 1 red card was rightly fitting of the most ‘fierce’ rivalry in Football, as claimed by many. Brazil however, were at the losing end of the game, failing to win their second consecutive World Cup qualifier for the first time in their history.

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