Lionel Messi’s wife Antonela responds to Shakira’s Instagram post hinting at Gerard Pique’s “betrayal”

Lionel Messi’s wife Antonela responds to Shakira’s Instagram post hinting at Gerard Pique’s “betrayal”

Antonela shows support to Shakira

Lionel Messi’s wife Antonela expressed her backing for the singer after leaving a message on Shakira’s New Year’s picture on Instagram. The pop diva appeared to take a stab at her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique in the message while hinting at betrayal and sadness.

Shakira posted a message on Instagram in Spanish and English encouraging individuals who might have been mistreated to “continue” to maintain their trust. The singer penned, “Even if our wounds are still open in this new year, the time has a surgeon’s hands.” It was indirectly related to her breakup with Gerard Pique.


The Argentina influencer, Antonella posted three heart emoticons in the comments box in response to Shakira’s moving but inspiring remark. Antonela, 34, has also expressed her widespread approval for Shakira in the past. The mother-of-three responded to Shakira’s video confirming her father, William Mebarak was released from the hospital after a serious fall by posting five heart emoticons last year.

In her powerful message, which she posted on New Year’s Day, Shakira wrote about recovering from betrayal. Shakira remarked, “Even if someone’s betrayed us, we must continue to trust others. “Our tears are not in vain they water the soil our future will spring from and make us more human so that even while suffering heartache we can continue to love,” the singer emphasized.

Just one month after allegations that she had discovered her husband having an extramarital affair, Shakira, 45, and Pique, 35, confirmed their separation in June. They have two kids, Milan (nine), and Sasha (seven).


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Shakira’s scheduled shift to Miami following her breakup with Gerard Pique postponed because of her father’s failing health

Shakira with Pique

With her romance with former FC Barcelona senior Gerard Pique coming to an unpleasant end, Shakira has considered moving to Miami with her children. According to sources, the singer’s dad, Mr. William Mebarak, was hospitalized after becoming ill. Hence she could have to postpone her journey to the US for several months.

Shakira and Gerard Pique had a furious disagreement after the pop star suggested departing Spain and relocating to the United States. Following the breakdown of her relationship with the Catalan footballer, Shakira requested that her children attend school as soon as possible in the foreign nation.


Because of her connections to the legendary defender Gerard Pique and her numerous performances at the opening and closing ceremonies of the World Cup, the Colombian pop star has been a prominent figure in the football world. Pique and Shakira were once a powerful pair before things got sour and they decided to part ways.

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