Manchester United charged by FA over Cristiano Ronaldo’s controversial disallowed goal against Newcastle

Manchester United charged by FA over Cristiano Ronaldo’s controversial disallowed goal against Newcastle

Manchester United vs Newcastle United

In the recent Premier League fixture played between Manchester United and Newcastle United, the match ended with a disappointing sight to a game and score of 0-0. The game has various chance creation and scoring opportunities but both teams failed to build on them rigorously.

The same match had a controversial moment where Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal and was ruled disallowed by the referee and later the player was awarded a Yellow card. The fellow player’s reason was that after the ref’s whistle the ball was passed by the Newcastle player to the goalkeeper from whom CR7 took advantage and scored.


A couple of days later after the game, the Red Devils reportedly have been charged with breaking an important rule of the game by the FA(Football Association), for failing to control their players in a goalless draw. The event took much heat and is now a burning issue.

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Manchester United’s need for a midfielder

Manchester United star Harry Maguire comments about media
Manchester United squad.

The Red Devils haven’t had what we call a good season from any view as the team landed in the Europa League taking Cristiano Ronaldo with them for the first time in his career. The poor performance last season wasn’t acceptable at any cost, and this season has everyone’s hope intact.


The midfield of the Red Devils has been sort of problematic the last season as one having Bruno Fernandes as the only hope to combine for a score. The midfield is the most essential part of the game, which Eric Ten Hag is sort of adamant about making worth it, bringing in Christian Eriksen was one good move.

Having a young supreme talent like Jude Bellingham or any other star on your side would be a great advantage especially when you’re leading the way better than last year. Winning matches is the only option left for the team and constructing a strong and young midfield is the base.

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