Neymar reportedly ASSISTS Dani Alves in settling £150,000 fine in r*pe and assault case

Dani Alves was also represented by a lawyer sent in by Neymar Jr.

Neymar reportedly ASSISTS Dani Alves in settling £150,000 fine in r*pe and assault case

Neymar financially aided Dani Alves during his court hearing. (Source: Screengrab from Dani Alves's Instagram account)

Dani Alves was recently sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment by the Barcelona courts after he was found guilty of sexual assault. Initially arrested in January 2023, Alves kept changing his statements, before claiming that he had consensual intercourse with the victim. After going through all the evidence such as the video cameras and forensic reports, he was sent to prison. 

During the trial, Alves revealed that he had only negative €17,000 and was unable to pay the legal fees. His former Brazil and Barcelona teammate, Neymar, decided to help out by sending his lawyer Ines Guardiola to the case. Along with that, he had reportedly agreed to help out financially for the case, but it was of no use. 

Along with being found guilty, Alves has also imposed a compensation fee of €150,00. With a negative bank balance, there was no way the Brazilian could pay that fee, but Neymar once again came to his aid. The winger paid the compensation fee. 

Alves got sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment, despite the victim and her legal team demanding 12 years. The Barca star still claims he is innocent, with his lawyer confirming they would challenge the ruling. 

Brazilian actress slams Neymar for helping “r*pist” 

When news of Neymar helping out Dani Alves went viral, a popular actress from Brazil couldn’t stop herself from sharing her views. Monica Iozzi, went on her Instagram to criticize the forward for helping a r*pist. She further called out the “brotherhood” between the two players. 

Monica Iozzi, Neymar Jr and Dani Alves
Monica Iozzi publicly called out Neymar Jr for helping Dani Alves. (Source, Screengrab via Monica Iozzi’s Instagram story and Goal)

Iozzi stated that despite being down with dengue, she needed to upload this video. She said despite Alves getting possibly 12-year and 9-year sentences, Neymar still decided to help out the 40-year-old to reduce it to 4.5 years with his money.  

The former reporter called out other footballers for staying silent and acting like nothing happened. She said many of them don’t call out but instead financially help out their r*pist friends. She was elated for the victim, saying it was great to see another r*pist convicted.

Iozzi hoped to soon see the same for Robinho, who is also accused of sexual assault in Milan. She finished her video stating that as long as people came out about their experience of being assaulted, the case would be reduced. 

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