WATCH: Paulo Dybala proposes partner Oriana Sabatini at Rome’s ROMANTIC setting

Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini have been in a relationship for several years.

WATCH: Paulo Dybala proposes partner Oriana Sabatini at Rome’s ROMANTIC setting

Paula Dybala, Oriana Sabatini and their proposal (via Instagram and X)

The fall season has just become more blissful as AS Roma star, Paulo Dybala has proposed to Oriani Sabitini for marriage. On Monday evening, in the romantic setting near Trevi fountain, fans captured a very heartfelt moment of Paul Dybala kneeling in front of her and proposing to her.


The Argentine popular singer, Oriani Sabitini’s reaction was priceless as she received her engagement ring. The beautiful Argentine couple confirmed it on Instagram on Tuesday, jointly about their official confirmation for marriage.

In the clip, the 29-year-old World Cup winner from Argentina can be seen kneeling in front of her long-time girlfriend, Oriani. Sabitini is also a very well-known and popular singer in Argentina. Following Paulo’s proposal for marriage, Sabitini was astonished, and she accepted him for marriage. Sabitini was beyond elation as she was smiling all through and he jumped over to Paulo’s arms.

The clips have spread all over social media and among the football community. Fans and fellow footballers have liked their Instagram post which has already got more the a million likes. The long-time romantic couple has been outpoured with loads of love from across the footballing world.


Paulo Dybala makes it official with Oriana Sabatini

Following Dybala’s and Sabitinis’s viral clip of their romantic proposal, the 27-year-old singer posted a story on her Instagram, a snap of their truly romantic moment. In the story, she is flaunting her newly worn, stunning engagement ring. The proud couple also shared glimpses from their unforgettable evening.

Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini engagement ring. (Source: Twitter/Football tweet)
Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini engagement ring (Source: Twitter/Football tweet)

The AS Roma star has meticulously planned the whole evening near the iconic spot in Italy. The couple managed to find a very private moment in the always crowded tourist attractions. The video that the couple posted on each other’s story was captured by Dybala’s fellow footballer, Leandro Perez. To the fans’ surprise, his ex-juventus teammate, Alvaro Morata was also at the scene.

The sheer display of love and effort from the lovely couple is s testament to the existence of true love and loyalty in the footballing world. As the couple celebrated their five-year anniversary, the whole world anticipates their enduring bond and never-ending love for each other.

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