Phil Foden’s 4-year-old son aka ‘El Way’ set to take modeling industry by storm

4-year-old El Wey is an Instagram model now!

Phil Foden’s 4-year-old son aka ‘El Way’ set to take modeling industry by storm

Phil Foden's son 'El Wey' get a deal that will earn him £10,000 per Instagram sponsored post. (Via Daily Mail)

Four-year-old Ronnie Foden, son of Phil Foden, recently signed a modeling contract, gaining popularity with almost four million social media followers. Ronnie became known as ‘El Wey’ after celebrating Manchester City’s Champions League win, making him an unofficial mascot for the club. Managed by his parents, his Instagram account has amassed 3.8 million followers. Now, it is being reported that he could pocket over £10,000 for each sponsored post.

Ronnie gained attention for celebrating Manchester City’s UEFA Champions League triumph with Rico Lewis, marking the completion of a treble after defeating Inter Milan. The heartwarming clip of their celebration became a favorite among fans on social media. In another amusing incident, Ronnie engaged in a comical exchange with Erling Haaland, mistakenly thinking the Norwegian striker was a girl. These instances, along with his overall charm, have contributed to Ronnie’s popularity among fans.


Ronnie has expanded his modeling ventures by signing a contract with Propel Talent Group, a company known for managing the careers of highly sought-after UK talent. His recent assignment involved posing in designer clothing from Flannels’ Represent range, showcasing a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms. The photos featured Ronnie sitting, wearing sunglasses, with his back to the camera.

Phil Foden and his partner, Rebecca Cooke, launched Ronnie’s Instagram profile in June, capitalizing on his newfound fame. Impressively, the account reached one million followers within just 14 hours of its creation.

Lionel Messi recently questioned Sergio Aguero about Phil Foden’s potential

According to The Mirror, Lionel Messi sought insights from his compatriot and close friend, Sergio Aguero, about Phil Foden’s prowess in training. Aguero, who played alongside Foden for approximately four years at Manchester City, provided Messi with valuable perspectives before moving to Barcelona.

Sergio Aguero, Lionel Messi, and Phil Foden
Sergio Aguero, Lionel Messi, and Phil Foden (via Sky Sports)

Aguero, a celebrated striker and longtime friend of Messi, shared the pitch with the Inter Miami forward 81 times for the Argentina national team. Messi played a crucial role in Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona team during his youth. Further, Foden in terms of playing style and creativity.

While both players exhibit similar traits, Messi maintains a distinct advantage in terms of goal-scoring prowess. Now, as per Transfermarkt, this season Foden has contributed to nine goals for Manchester City.

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