Premier League managers call for NEW RULE, making it difficult to sack them in the middle of the season

If this new 'rule' is instated, Premier clubs may find it much more difficult to just sack a manager as they please.

Premier League managers call for NEW RULE, making it difficult to sack them in the middle of the season

Julen Lopetegui was the first to get sacked this season while Ten Hag is the most likely to get the axe as of now (Via X/@Football__Tweet & eurofootcom)

Premier League managers have been subject to merciless trolls, harsh criticism and undue backlash for their respective team’s poor showing. High profile managers taking charge of their ‘dream’ clubs ever so often ends in them being sacked on a fine Monday morning without any warning whatsoever. Something has to change, and as per latest reports, Premier League managers are pushing for a much needed change.


From Mauricio Pochettino to Erik ten Hag, a number of managers in the Premier League may feel that the ‘axe’ is not far for them. Amidst such uncertainty regarding their employment, Premier League managers are likely to push for contractual or legal arrangements which will see them be treated the same as players.

As for a Premier League footballer under contract, they can only switch teams or see their contract terminated during a transfer window. This is not the same for managers, who run the risk of being sacked at any moment throughout the season if the club finds it fit.

The proposed change calls for a revision of the existing set-up, and only allow clubs to sack (part ways if said lightly) or sign managers during the transfer window.


Taking a look at Premier League sackings in recent years

Football at the highest level can be ruthless, and this is proven by none other than the 14 managerial sackings last season. The 2023/24 season was also witness to quite a few managers getting the axe, with several others running a high risk of the same. The season began with Julen Lopetegui‘s departure, even though it happened through ‘mutual consent’.

Paul Heckingbottom
Paul Heckingbottom was sacked by Sheffield United back in December of last year (Via X/@pheckingbottom)

However, compared to last season, there have only been two sackings at the helm this season. Sheffield United‘s Paul Heckingbottom was the first to be sacked this season. His departure was followed by Nottingham Forest’s sacking of Steve Cooper, who brought in Nuno Esprito Santo in his place. While the numbers are in striking contrast to that of last year, this can only be explained due to the relatively ‘better’ performances of the promoted teams.

A fact to be noted is that a significant share of managerial sackings are concentrated to the teams at the bottom half of the table. While some may argue that the proposed reforms will make it difficult for clubs to fix poor management, it significantly increases a club’s calculations while appointing a new manager. Are managers in modern football a disposable commodity, or is it high time that the footballing community changed it’s approach to the manager.

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