PSG cuts short Lionel Messi’s suspension after apology, but he’ll still be fined two weeks wages

Lionel Messi returns to training after getting suspended by the higher authorities of the club.

PSG cuts short Lionel Messi’s suspension after apology, but he’ll still be fined two weeks wages

Messi is back in training for PSG after 2 match suspension.

Lionel Messi was controversially suspended by the Paris Saint-Germain management as he went on a trip to Saudi Arabia and missed training with his PSG for two weeks. However, his ‘punishment’ was reduced after the superstar issued an apology to his teammates.


The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner is the brand ambassador of Saudi for tourism and has signed a deal to promote Saudi tourism and for that reason, he has to visit the country. Messi went on the trip without informing the manager Christophe Galtier or the higher authorities of PSG.

And for this reason, the higher-ups of the club have suspended Messi for two matches. Once the Argentine knew this he released an apology video on social media. And on 8th May 2023 just before the Awards Messi returned to Le Parc des Princes for training.

Messi did the training alone as it was a day off for the rest of the squad. He missed the match against Troyes because of the suspension for 2 matches. But now due to his apology video the higher authorities of the club have confirmed that Messi will play the next match against Ajaccio on May 14, 2023. But still, he will miss his two weeks’ wages which total ups to £1.6 million euros.


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Why has Messi not extended his contract with PSG till now?

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Messi left Barcelona in 2021 and joined the French giants Paris Saint-German for two years. And now in the summer of 2023, he is set to make a move outside Le Parc des Princes. Despite the club wants him to stay in Paris and has offered him a contract extension.

Messi in Paris has failed to achieve UEFA Champions League Title and has also not performed well in the past two years. Lionel Messi has struggled to achieve the success with PSG that he achieved with Barcelona.

And also Messi was not treated properly by the fans as he left for the trip to Saudi Arabia. On some occasions, he was even ‘booed’ by the PSG fans in the stadium. But these reasons are very minor to back Messi from extending his contract with PSG.


The one big reason why Messi has not yet extended his contract is because he is still waiting for Barcelona to make him an offer. The seven-time Ballon d’OR still wants to play in Camp Nou. Currently, Messi has two offers on his table one from PSG and the other from Al-Hilal.

The offer from Barcelona is still not on the table but the club is trying hard to bring him back. On the other side, MLS is also speculating to sign the Goat and bring him to the USA. But as per many reports and news Messi is considering signing the deal with Al-Hilal and will move to the Saudi League this summer.

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