Adult entertainment star reveals that “mystery” Manchester United star has been contacting her

Sky Bri is yet to reveal the identity of the star.

Adult entertainment star reveals that “mystery” Manchester United star has been contacting her

Sky Bri (Via Instagram/@realskybri)

Manchester United have been struggling with the reputation of their players for quite a while now. Mason Greenwood’s involvement in a sexual assault case and his subsequent suspension and transfer from the club was a moment to forget for the club. Subsequently, Antony was also charged with physical abuse, following which he was forced to take a leave of absence.


Furthermore, Jadon Sancho has also been isolated from the squad after his ‘conflict’ with manager Erik ten Hag. Recently, an adult entertainment star, Sky Bri revealed that there are Manchester United players in her DM’s. She was asked on her Twitch chat whether she would date a football player. As per the 24-year-old, she has started receiving messages from professional footballers all of a sudden.

Moreover, she added that a bunch of them were Manchester United players. Bri said:

The one's from Manchester United, pretty big ones.

The OnlyFans content creator has racked up over 2.4 million followers on Instagram.


Bri added:

What the f**k is going on.

She was pointing to the sudden messages from footballers in her DM’s.

Paul Scholes HITS OUT against United management and advises Jim Ratcliffe

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is set to take over a 25 per cent stake at Manchester United. As the deal nears completion, former United player and legend Paul Scholes shared his opinion on the recent situation. As the deal remains just “a formality“, Scholes had a few words of advice for the billionaire. He said that Ratcliffe has to change “almost near everything” at the club.

Paul Scholes
Paul Scholes (via Manchester Evening News)

Scholes said on TNT Sports:

He's got lots of work to do. This is a world class football club, but it's not behaving like one.

He complained that the club are underperforming almost everywhere and that the stadium should also be renovated. The training ground’s standards were also questioned. He said that only the club’s “history” is world-class.

Scholes advised Ratcliffe to bring in new players, staff and people into the club. Erik ten Hag is “the right man for the job” according to Scholes. He felt that he was thrown out to the lions to defend himself, pointing to the situation at the club. Subsequently, the 25% stake at the club will give Ratcliffe the power to influence sporting decisions, making him responsible for the club’s eventual success.

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