“They wouldn’t do it without reason”- Jurgen Klopp sides with Liverpool fans after they booed Prince Williams during the FA Cup 2021-22 final

Liverpool fans showed a sign of disrespect to Prince Williams and to the UK National anthem which was criticized as Klopp comments about the incident in an interview.

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According to recent reports, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp commented on the action by the fans at the Wembley Stadium during the national anthem before the kick-off of the FA Cup final. The Liverpool supporters loudly booed Prince William by screaming  ‘God Save The Queen’ which has been a tradition before the match commences since 1927.

Jurgen Klopp questioned the fans about what could be the reason for doing such an act as he feels there’s a strong reason behind the whole situation. The action of the fans left the whole management under investigation to get the point behind the whole nuisance.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Klopp admitted: “Of course I have thoughts. The question is why does it happen? They wouldn’t do it without a reason. The majority of our supporters are wonderful people. Really smart, go through lows and highs. They wouldn’t do it without reason.”

Prince Williams, the President of the Football Associations appeared before the FA Cup final began as he shook hands with the players of Liverpool and Chelsea before the final clash.

However, he was booed and jeered throughout the time he was present on the field as the fans of Liverpool also disrespected the national anthem by booing it too. The Merseyside supporters traveled to the Wembley stadium to see their team get their hands on to cup as they beat Chelsea 6-5 on penalties.

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Liverpool wins the 150th edition of the FA Cup after beating Chelsea

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Liverpool lifts the FA Cup by beating Chelsea 6-5 on penalties.

The Merseyside club, Liverpool, took home the trophy after they defeated Chelsea 6-5 on penalties after playing the whole 90 minutes and the additional 30 extra minutes.

They met Klopp’s side in the EFL Cup final but they lost the game again on penalties making it three consecutive final losses for the Blues. Chelsea hold Klopp’s men till 120 minutes but had to bend down after Mason Mount and Azplicueta missed two vital penalties to hand over the trophy to the visiting team from the Merseyside.

MohamedSalah received a blow after he was substituted in the 33rd minute for the second time in a final game since he left the field in the Champions League final against Real Madrid in 2018. The FA Cup victory is the second silverware for Klopp’s side as they keep the hope alive of winning the quadruple with the champions league final nearing and the league title to be decided on the final matchday.

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