Thierry Henry comes up with a crazy theory to explain why Jurgen Klopp is leaving Liverpool

Thierry Henry defended Jurgen Klopp's decision to step down as Liverpool's manager

Thierry Henry comes up with a crazy theory to explain why Jurgen Klopp is leaving Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp's decision to leave Liverpool made sense to Thierry Henry (Images via The Sun)

In late January, Jurgen Klopp announced that he was going to be leaving Liverpool at the end of the 2023/34 season. In a video statement released, he claimed he was tired and said he couldn’t do the job “again and again and again”. While many Liverpool fans were unhappy with his decision, Thierry Henry backed the German and explained why he needed to leave. 


While covering the Champions League for CBS, Henry praised Klopp but agreed he needed the break. He compared him to his rival, Pep Guardiola, who also had taken a break after leaving FC Barcelona. He said the manager needed to take care of himself and need to give himself a break from the sport. 

That's a dream job normally and they are stopping. That tells you a story. The pressure, everybody has a voice, social media and whatnot. It is tough to be a manager and no one cares about you. You're going to have to take care of yourself at one point. But he was missing his family, he was missing his own time, he was missing his sanity. So good for him. When I got the news, I was like: 'Good for you.’
Thierry Henry said why Jurgen Klopp is leaving.

Liverpool currently are at the top of the league, with Klopp wanting to end the season with silverware. They have a two-point lead over Manchester City, but City do have a game in hand. 

Thierry Henry is passionate about coaching 

Thierry Henry was appointed as the head coach of the France U21 team in August 2023. It will be the same team that will go to the 2024 Paris Olympics. Henry previously worked as a coach for Belgium, Monaco, Montreal Impact, and Belgium (as an assistant) yet again. Before talking about Klopp, his co-host asked Henry why he was so interested in coaching. 

Thierry Henry
Thierry Henry currently coaches the U21 France Team (Image via The Guardian)

She mentioned how he earned more money from doing punditry and why he would take the added pressure of coaching. Henry replied that he was passionate about coaching and that’s why he continues it. 

Because of my passion. I’m passionate and that’s as simple as that. I’m not sure what I’m going to tell you at the end of my contract.
Thierry Henry said on why he wants to coach

Henry began his coaching career at Arsenal, coaching the youth teams. He was offered the job as the u18 coach, but Arsene Wenger ruled it out as Henry was still working as a pundit. His first role as a senior head coach was with Monaco but was fired after 20 matches. He then joined Montreal Impact in 2019 but left a year later due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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