Update on Luiz Diaz’s parents’ kidnapping situation, major military and police search underway

The cops have initiated a 'Padlock Plan', sealing off the town.

Update on Luiz Diaz’s parents’ kidnapping situation, major military and police search underway

(L-R) Luis Diaz, Cilenis Marulanda. Luis Manuel Diaz (via The Sun)

With the news of Liverpool player, Luis Diaz‘s father being the victim of a kidnapping, a major military and police search has been underway in Colombia with authorities offering a reward of £40,000 for anyone who has information which could lead to his rescue.


Luis Diaz‘s mother was kidnapped but is now safe. Sadly, his father is still missing. Over 120 military personnel, along with more police officers, are searching for him. Reports suggest that armed men on motorcycles kidnapped Diaz’s parents at a gas station in their hometown, Barrancas.

Colombia’s President, Gustavo Petro has released a statement on the issue, in order to recover Diaz’s parents safely, stating:

All the public forces have been deployed. 

Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa has been in contact with the player since the event occurred and has been providing him with regular updates regarding his father. In the latest piece of information, the father was said to be seen in Venezuela which would require the authorization of the President. 


Since then, Liverpool has released a public statement about the incident stating:

It is our fervent hope that the matter is resolved safely and at the earliest possible opportunity.

Also mentioning the importance of the welfare of their player.

Liverpool players show their support for Luis Diaz

Liverpool players showcased their support for their Colombian teammate, Luis Diaz after the player was left out of the squad to deal due to news breaking out regarding his parent’s kidnapping.

Diogo Jota
Diogo Jota (via GOAL)

After Liverpool’s strong 3-0 win against Nottingham Forest last weekend, something heartwarming happened. In the 31st minute, Diogo Jota scored a goal. To show support for his teammate Luis Diaz, who was facing a difficult period, Jota jogged to the Liverpool bench, where a staff member handed him Diaz’s jersey.


The entire Liverpool team gathered around, clapping in solidarity. Liverpool later scored two more goals, one in the 35th minute by Darwin Nunez and another in the 77th minute by Mohamed Salah.

A win on the evening puts Liverpool in 4th place in the Premier League and only 3 points behind current league leaders, Tottenham Hotspur. The club will now play their next game in the EFL Cup against Bournemouth.

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