WATCH: Lionel Messi presents a noble gesture after giving an autograph to a pitch invader during Argentina’s clash

Lionel Messi was seen autographing a pitch invader during Argentina's last game

Lionel Messi autographed a pitch invader
Lionel Messi autographed a pitch invader

During the match between Argentina and Jamaica, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi was seen signing a fan who entered the field. When the fan raced onto the field, Messi tried to autograph him on the backside but the security personnel had to remove him immediately.

The incident took place in Argentina’s last match against Jamaica, which they won 3-0 in style. Lionel Messi scored two of Argentina’s three game-winning goals in the 86th and 89th minutes, while Julian Alvarez added the other in the 13th. For all Messi supporters, it will undoubtedly be one of the best days.

The victory has also demonstrated their current strength and revealed their strategy for the future FIFA World Cup 2022. The fact that their hero only entered the game in the 55th minute and ended up stealing it by scoring two goals in the following 35 minutes brought joy to the crowd as well.

The supporter who ran onto the field was clearly very excited. His conflicted feelings were at their height, and Messi made no effort to let him down. While Messi did use the pen to sign for his fan and make him happy, the necessary security precautions were scrupulously upheld.

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Lionel Messi for the Argentina National Team

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Lionel Messi for Argentina National Team

Since he began playing, Lionel Messi, a star for Paris Saint-Germain, has served as the global face of football. His long list of accomplishments usually came as a surprise to everyone. Currently serving as a forward for Argentina and PSG, he also serves as captain of the Argentina National Team.

He has taken home six European Golden Shoes and seven Ballon d’Or honors. He is the nation’s all-time leading goal scorer and holds the record for most appearances. In addition, he was the youngest Argentine to participate in and score at the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Fans are eager for more.

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