WATCH: Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr. gives Camavinga a tour of Rio after standing at the top of the statue of Christ the Redeemer

Real Madrid's Vinicius jr. and Camavinga enjoy Brazil during their vacation sitting on top of Christ the Redeemer.

WATCH: Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr. gives Camavinga a tour of Rio after standing at the top of the statue of Christ the Redeemer

Vincius Jr. with Eduardo Camavinga at the top of The Christ the Redeemer. (Source: All Football)

Vinicius Jr. and Eduardo Camavinga of Real Madrid are presently enjoying their off-season holiday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On Wednesday, the two young ballers paid a visit to Rio de Janeiro’s monumental Christ the Redeemer monument, where they sang joyfully and took in the spectacular sights.

Vinicius Jr. posted selfies on his social media of the duo on top of the monument, and singing Camavinga‘s favorite terrace song together, all smiling. The social media post gained widespread attention, with fans cheering from all over the world, pleasing the sight of the two Real Madrid stars having fun together out of the field.


Vinicius Jr. and Camavinga have also been observed participating in various recreational activities during their vacation in Brazil. They have been spotted engaging in beach volleyball, attending movies and eateries, going to restaurants, as well as enjoying quality time with their loved ones, acquaintances, and family.

The duo combined phenomenally well last season after the French midfielder was deputized in left back for a lengthy period. Both the players repaid the trust Carlo Ancelotti had placed in them and if morning shows the day, Real Madrid have a pair of gems in their locker for the majority of the next decade.

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The future looks bright for Real Madrid

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Vinicius Jr. with Eduardo Camavinga for Real Madrid. ( Source: Madrid Universal)

Los Blancos teammates are enjoying their time off, but they are also focused on getting ready for the challenges of the upcoming season. They acknowledge that the competition for Real Madrid will be more challenging for trophies again and are determined to play their positive parts. The two footballers are sure to be critical figures for Real Madrid in the upcoming season. They are both talented and exciting players, and they have the potential to be one of the best partnerships in club-world football.

Vinicius Jr. and Camavinga are both preparing for the upcoming season with Real Madrid. Vinicius is looking to build on his spectacular form and techniques of “feeling” through the defense. Camavinga is also expected to continue his run at the Spanish side club after an applaudable debut season with the club. The left-foot-right foot combination in the left flank also helped the team unlock some very tight defenses.

The future looks bright for Vinicius and Camavinga with Real Madrid. They are both talented and visionary players, possessing unique skills and techniques making the pair one of the most attacking duos in the world.


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