Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In Serie A

Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In Serie A

The Italian Top Tier League, Serie A has always been amusing it’s fans in terms of pure tactical football. This league is one of the few top flight leagues that strictly follows proper football with defensive minded tactics in this modern era as well.


These are the Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In Serie A

5. Cristiano Ronaldo – 1

Cristiano Ronaldo among the Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In Serie A
Cristiano Ronaldo vs Sampdoria

It’s Ronaldo again, he is an absolute legend of the game. When Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus in the Serie A, he left a team which was one of the greatest teams of all time. Because he has proven himself and was looking for a fresh challenge.

In his first season with Juventus i.e. 2018/19, he could have got the golden boot but a certain veteran Quagliarella got the better of him. So he had to wait a full season to get his hands on the prestigious Serie A golden boot.


It will take a lifetime to explain about the importance of CR7 to the beautiful game because he is beyond words and who is currently enjoying a good second spell with Manchester United.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 2

Zlatan Ibrahimovic among the Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In Serie A
Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the great Zlatan has a personality that speaks for itself. It is an honour of the Golden boot to have been picked by Zlatan 2 times and not the other way around. Humour apart, Zlatan has been an inspiration for an entire generation.

He is still going strong and currently represents AC Milan at almost 40 years of age which is astonishing for any normal person but is just another day at office for Zlatan. He won his two Golden Boots with both the Milan clubs.

A veteran striker who is one of the finest talents from his generation and is a legend both on and off the pitch. A true inspiration for all the strikers that came after him. There’s no wonder why a lethal striker like Erling Braut Haaland idealises him.


3. Ciro Immobile – 3

Ciro Immobile among the Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In Serie A

Ciro Immobile, a prolific goalscorer in the Italian league who is still going strong with Lazio. Immobile even has a European Golden Boot in his name for his heroic 2019/20 season in which he scored a staggering 36 goals.

Ciro Immobile got a very slow start to his playing career and it is with Lazio where he shone like a bright diamond. He has 3 Golden Boots in Serie A all coming with Lazio. Immobile is a beast in front of goal during his day. 

And he was also one of the key figures in the Italy national team that won the Euro 2020. Ciro Immobile is certainly one of the best strikers in the modern era of Serie A.

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2. Michel Platini – 3 

Michel Platini among the Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In Serie A

Michel Platini is regarded by many as one of the greatest players of all time. He has won the prestigious Golden Boot 3 times with Juventus and in that process he also won the legendary Ballon D’or 3 times.

A legendary figure in the history of Juventus and Italian football in general. However, he is remembered infamously for his banning from the president post of UEFA in 2015 over violation of ethics which will last till 2023.

A player that has established himself as one of the finest french players of all time, if not the finest. As his legacy speaks for itself which makes him an icon for everyone who followed in his footsteps.

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1 . Gunnar Nordahl – 5

Gunnar Nordahl acing the list of Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In Serie A

One of the greatest strikers to ever grace Italian Football. Gunnar Nordahl, the Swedish International was a strong, prolific and influential goal scorer during his time at Serie A. He is the all time leading goal scorer of AC Milan.

He has won the Serie A golden boot a record 5 times that stands strong till this date and is very less likely to be broken any time soon by anyone. Nordahi also holds the record of most goals scored per appearance in Serie A.

He has been an absolute madness in front of the goal and is quite certainly a nightmare for every goalkeeper that ever faced him during his prime in the 40’s and 50’s. He also had more goal involvements than appearances for his Swedish National Team.


These were some of the prolific goal scorers that helped in lifting the popularity of the Italian league and has left their mark in the history books of Serie A. So, these were the list of players with the most golden boots in serie a.