“They are the best in their position”: Florentino Perez praises ‘These’ two Real Madrid players after winning the Spanish Supercopa

“They are the best in their position”: Florentino Perez praises ‘These’ two Real Madrid players after winning the Spanish Supercopa

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez

Real Madrid won their 12th Spanish Supercopa on Monday after defeating Athletic club in the final Riyadh’s King Fahd Stadium. They have now established supremacy in this Spanish tournament as well and are just one title away from having won it the joint most times alongside their arch rivals FC Barcelona who they defeated in the semi-finals. This was also their first trophy of the season and club President Florentino Perez said that it really meant a lot to him and the club. 


“It means a lot,” he said. “We have made some changes and we are ushering in a new era with a coach who knows us very well and a defense that we have changed and has given a very good result to date and we are happy and optimistic — we have found a new direction and what we wanted is to win.”

“We always want to win everything, they taught us that since we were little, this year it was 60 years since I became a member and that’s how we were educated. I work along the lines that Santiago Bernabéu set for us and I am happy because we have won the first title.”

Florentino Perez praises Marcelo, Modric and Courtois

Luka Modric, Thibaut Courtois and Marcelo

Perez praised three players in particular after winning the Supercopa de Espana trophy and mentioned that two of them are the absolute bests in their respective positions in current World football. 

The three players were namely Marcelo, Luka Moric and Thibaut Courtois


“Marcelo is a legend at Real Madrid,” Florentino Perez said. “I think the recognition is obvious anywhere in the world and I’m very happy that they gave him this standing ovation in this place where there are many Madridistas.”

He boasted about Thibaut Courtois and Luka Modric, saying that they are the best in their positions. “Without wanting to brag, Modric and Courtois are the two best in their position. The best goalkeeper, and Modric is in enviable form, worthy of winning the Ballon d’Or again.”

However, the Supercopa de Espana will probably not be the only trophy that Real Madrid wins this year. They are at the top of the La Liga table way ahead of the other teams and they have them decently well in the UEFA Champions League as well. So they can expect to win at least one of those two giant trophies. 

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