Charles Leclerc Net Worth in 2024: How Much Is He Worth?

Charles Leclerc has established himself as one of the top drivers in Formula 1 in recent years.

Charles Leclerc Net Worth in 2024: How Much Is He Worth?

Charles Leclerc (via IMAGO)

NameCharles Leclerc
OccupationFormula 1 Racing Driver
Net Worth$125 Million
Formula 1 Salary$14 Million
Marital StatusSingle
EndorsementsGiorgio Armani, Richard Mille, Ray-Ban

Charles Marc Hervé Perceval Leclerc, commonly just known as Charles Leclerc, is a racing driver currently competing with Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1. He was born on 16 October 1997 in Monte Carlo, the capital of the Principality of Monaco. Unlike many other F1 drivers – he’s actually a native of the small principality, which has the status of a tax haven. He is the second of three sons of the late Hervé, his father, and Pascale, his mother. The former was also a racing driver.

Charles’ talent was always apparent, and he proved his credentials with a successful karting and junior career. In 2016, he won GP3 with a healthy margin over Alex Albon. Next season, he won Formula 2 In very dominant fashion – the runner-up, Artem Markelov, was 72 points behind. So, keeping his achievements and talent in mind, he was given a seat at Sauber in 2018, with a view to a potential Ferrari seat.


He impressed in his debut season, far outshining his more experienced teammate, Marcus Ericsson. He had a bit of a slow start, but in Baku, which was the fourth race, he turned heads with a P6. Soon, the stars aligned for his ‘promotion’ to Ferrari. As always – he was impressed. He began his career with a P5 at the Australian Grand Prix. In the next race in Bahrain, he took the pole, fastest lap, and looked set for a win until an engine issue curtailed his race. But he still took his first podium.

The wait for his first win went on until Belgium. On a tragic weekend, with the death of Antoine Hubert hanging over the Motorsport world, Leclerc won his first race. He doubled his tally in the next race, Monza, which was Ferrari’s home race. At the end of the season, he had beaten his four-time world champion teammate, Sebastian Vettel, in the standings. Unfortunately, 2020 and 2021 were not nearly as successful. This was mostly because Ferrari did not have good machinery.

2022 was better, but ultimately disappointing. It started swimmingly, with two race wins in the first three rounds but soon unraveled. He made a mistake in Imola and finished sixth. The next race, in Miami, he gave Verstappen a run for his money but fell short. The next three races were disasters – with two mechanical retirements, and one glaring strategic mistake ruining his day(s). At France, he made another mistake, this time while in the lead.


This spelled the end of his championship challenge, and he eventually finished 146 points behind Verstappen. This was mostly because the package fell off drastically, but mistakes from him, and the team, also contributed to it. In 2023, he hoped to win the title, but things didn’t go to plan. In the first three races, he retired twice and finished seventh in the other race. The package doesn’t look nearly as competitive as the Red Bull RB-19. The Monegasque driver failed to even win a single race this season.

Leclerc is an extremely talented, and popular Formula 1 driver. In such a situation, people obviously want to know about his personal life, his wealth, and other details. This article is tailor-made for fans who want to find out all about Charles Leclerc’s net worth, F1 salary, endorsements, etc.

Charles Leclerc Net Worth

Charles Leclerc is one of the highest-rated drivers on the Formula 1 grid. After all, he replaced a world champion, Kimi Raikkonen, at Ferrari, and is now effectively their ‘main man’, and the ‘golden boy’. His performances, and place at Ferrari as a Formula 1 driver make him an extremely lucrative sponsorship opportunity. Not only that, but he also commands a very high salary.

Charles Leclerc's net worth is estimated to be around $125 million
Charles Leclerc’s net worth is estimated to be around $125 million

In accordance with all this, his net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $125 million. Of course, his considerable salary, combined with sponsorships and bonuses, led to this massive figure. He’s not the richest F1 driver – but he’s clearly in the top end of the field.

Charles Leclerc Formula 1 Salary

Charles Leclerc drives for Ferrari, arguably the most iconic Formula 1 team. They are certainly the most successful F1 team, and also one of the richest. So, any driver on their roster is sure to get an exorbitant amount. It’s not different for Leclerc. The fact that he’s an incredibly highly-rated talent, very marketable, and successful, means that he gets a very high payout from his salary.

Charles Leclerc's F1 salary is estimated to be around $24 million
Charles Leclerc’s F1 salary is estimated to be around $14 million

According to Forbes, his current salary at Ferrari is $14 million. His current contract runs until the end of 2024 – and is very likely to be extended, likely with a pay rise. His current salary is enough to make him the fifth highest-paid driver on the F1 grid in 2023.


Charles Leclerc Bonuses

The Monegasque driver earned the longest contract in the history of Scuderia Ferrari. As such, Leclerc must have some lucrative bonuses in this contract. As per Forbes, the 26-year-old received a whopping $5 Million from bonuses this season. Certainly, this sum would only increase if Charles Leclerc could manage to win a race in 2024.

Charles Leclerc Endorsements

As stated before, Charles Leclerc is one of the highest-rated drivers on the F1 grid. Not only that, but he is also one of the most marketable ones. His personality, looks, and performances mean he’s indeed a very lucrative opportunity for sponsorship. As a consequence, he’s attracted some of the world’s biggest brands to him. He’s sponsored by Giorgio Armani and served as the Brand Ambassador for their ‘Made to Measure’ line.

Charles Leclerc is a brand ambassador for Giorgio Armani's 'Made to Measure' line
Charles Leclerc is a brand ambassador for Giorgio Armani’s ‘Made to Measure’ line

He has also been ‘supported’ by Richard Mille, a Swiss luxury watch brand for over a decade. Mille, the founder of his eponymous brand, said of Leclerc on RM’s website: ‘Since his early days in karting, I have closely followed Charles’ progress. Noted for his times, and his speedy qualifiers, the driver attracted my attention and enthusiasm, immediately convincing the brand to support his budding talent.’


He even has his own limited edition sunglasses, which he personally customized, as part of Ray Ban’s ‘Scuderia Ferrari Collection’. Of course, being a Ferrari academy graduate and because he drives for their Formula 1 team, he has also been supported throughout his career by the organization. He has been a part of Ferrari since 2016.

Charles Leclerc Investments in Businesses

Leclerc has a keen eye when it comes to investments. The Monegasque driver aims to make the most out of his money in such endeavors. Although there is no official information about the Ferrari driver’s investments. It is believed that the 26-year-old has supported tech firms that focus on virtual reality. Moreover, the Monegasque driver remains interested in having his own clothing line in the future.

Charles Leclerc Investments in Real Estate

Like many other Formula 1 drivers, Charles Leclerc also lives in Monaco. However, unlike drivers such as Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo, Leclerc was actually born in Monaco. He’s a proper Monegasque native and grew up in the Principality. Naturally, he has stayed there – not only is it a very good location for the F1 calendar, but also his home.

Charles Leclerc inside his home, playing the piano
Charles Leclerc inside his home, playing the piano

He owns a presumably lavish apartment there. He has often given fans a view of the inside of his home, though the complete picture is not available. But a beautiful white piano, from Steinway & Sons, is undoubtedly one of his most prized possessions. That is, of course, alongside all of the trophies that he’s collected throughout his career.

Charles Leclerc Car Collection

As mentioned above, Charles Leclerc is one of the richer Formula 1 drivers, with a net worth of $125 million. He also has an annual salary of $24 million, and this means he can afford some very swanky cars. F1 drivers, considering their motorsport and vehicle associations, are known to have incredible car collections. Leclerc, too, has a pretty incredible collection. It includes a Bugatti Chiron, as well as a customized Ferrari 488 Pista. His full car collection contains some of the most exclusive machinery.

Charles Leclerc in his Ferrari 488 Pista
Charles Leclerc in his Ferrari 488 Pista

The 26-year-old even owns some monstrous machines such as the Rolls Royce Wrath and the McLaren GT. Perhaps even Leclerc likes to get behind the wheel of Ferrari’s arch-rival in and outside of Formula 1.

Bugatti Chiron~$3,000,000
Ferrari 488 Pista~$1,000,000
Rolls Royce Wraith~$320,500
Ferrari GTC4 Lusso~$300,000
McLaren GT~$210,000
Land Rover Discovery~$175,000
Jaguar XF~$125,000
Charles Leclerc’s car collection as of 2024

Charles Leclerc Watch Collection

Charles Leclerc is fond of watches. The Monegasque driver owns some rather expensive watches in his envious collection. The most iconic one was the Richard Mille 67-02 ‘Charles LeClerc,’ a unique item made exclusively for Leclerc worth upwards of $320,000. However, the Ferrari driver was robbed of this watch in April 2023 in Tuscany, Italy. Thankfully the police arrested the culprits. Although the robbers had sold off this piece before being caught by the cops.

Charles Leclerc wearing the Richard Mille UP-01 Ferrari
Charles Leclerc wearing the Richard Mille UP-01 Ferrari (Via @leclercdata/X)

Leclerc even owns a Ferrari special edition watch from Richard Mille, the Richard Mille UP-01 Ferrari. This watch is claimed to be the thinnest watch in the world and is worth over $1.75 Million. Moreover, the Monegasque driver has two Rafael Nadal watches, the Richard Mille RM35-03 and the Richard Mille 35-01 ‘Rafael Nadal.’

Charles Leclerc Girlfriend

Charles Leclerc is currently dating Alexandra Saint Mleux. He was previously in a relationship with Charlotte Sine, the end of which he announced in early December 2022. Just months after their breakup, reports emerged about Leclerc’s potential relationship with Saint Mleux. Alexandra is a student of Arts History and has a prominent presence on TikTok.

Alexandra Saint Mleux and Charles Leclerc
Alexandra Saint Mleux and Charles Leclerc (Via @leclerc_photos/X)

Interestingly, Saint Mlexu was believed to be a close friend of Charlotte Sine’s sister before she started dating Leclerc. Similarly, before Sine, Leclerc dated Giada Gianni, with whom he ended his relationship as he wanted to focus on his career after joining Ferrari. However, according to some, rather curiously, it was through Gianni that he and Sine met, and were officially in a relationship by the end of 2019.

Charles Leclerc Charity Work

Charles Leclerc is an ambassador of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. Charlene, who is married to Albert II, the current Prince of Monaco, is a former Olympic swimmer who won three gold medals at the 1999 All-African Games. In a press release, Charlene described Leclerc as sharing “the values of the sport that are dear” to her.

Charles Leclerc with Princess Charlene of Monaco
Charles Leclerc with Princess Charlene of Monaco

The foundation focuses on providing education to underprivileged children and giving them a platform to succeed in life while maintaining a safe environment. A major emphasis is given to different sporting disciplines in the process.


Apart from his work with the Princess Charlene Foundation, he also raised money for the WHO’s COVID-19 response fund. During the pandemic, he also assisted the Monaco Red Cross by delivering meals to workers and elderly people unable to leave their homes and also helped transport equipment to the Princess Grace Hospital Centre.

What is Charles Leclerc’s Net Worth?

His net worth stands at $125 Million as of 2024.


What is Charles Leclerc’s F1 salary?

The Monegasque fetches a salary of $14 million from Ferrari, with his current contract running until the end of 2024.

Which team does Charles Leclerc drive for?


Charles Leclerc drives for Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1.

Is Charles Leclerc married?



Who is Charles Leclerc dating?

Charles Leclerc is currently dating Alexandra Saint Mlexu, an Arts History student in Paris after breaking up with Charlotte Sine.

Is Max Verstappen better than Charles Leclerc?

The Dutchman has already won two world championships and has 54 wins to his name. Leclerc, on the other hand, has ‘only’ 5 wins. So, while the stats would suggest yes, it is closer than one may think as Leclerc has not had a consistently competitive F1 car and is still rated very highly.

Who is Charles Leclerc’s teammate?

For the 2024 season, his teammate is Carlos Sainz.

How old is Charles Leclerc?

He was born on October 16, 1997, and is 26 years old.

Who sponsors Charles Leclerc?

Leclerc is largely backed by Ferrari. He is also sponsored by Richard Mille and serves as a brand ambassador for Giorgio Armani. He also has his own limited-edition Ray-Ban sunglasses.

How are Charles Leclerc and Jules Bianchi related?

Bianchi was Leclerc’s older brother, Lorenzo’s, best friend. Their fathers were also best friends. Their families were close, and the late Bianchi also helped Leclerc, particularly so in his early career. The two had a close relationship, and Bianchi was even Leclerc’s ‘godfather’.

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