Did Lewis Hamilton feature in the movie Cars 2? What Role did he play?

Lewis Hamilton voices the character named after him in the 2011 animated movie.

Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton is widely regarded as one of the living legends in the Motorsports world. The Briton has won 7 Formula One World Championship titles with 103 race wins and 182 podiums, the highest in the sport. Hamilton will partner with rookie George Russell for the 2022 season.

Lewis Hamilton has been subject to racist abuse throughout his career. Being the first and only Black Formula One driver to date he is a beacon of hope for many underprivileged children who dare to do a similar feat in fields of their liking. The seven-time world champion is a prominent advocate against racism and inclusivity in motorsport.

The Mercedes driver has been quite active outside the race track too with his activism efforts. But not many know that Hamilton has also featured in one of the most famous Car racing movies – the 2011’s Disney Pixar’s Cars 2.

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Lewis Hamilton made a cameo in Cars 2

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

British Formula One driver and 7 time World Champion Lewis Hamilton voiced the character named after him in the movie. The car “Lewis” is modelled after a McLaren MP4-12C GT3. Hamilton chose the car’s final black and yellow paint scheme for the car in the movie

In the film, he first appears talking with Lightning McQueen and Jeff Gorvette when they arrive at the World Grand Prix opening ceremony in Tokyo, which he and Jeff meet McQueen. Lewis Hamilton calls the movie’s lead race car Lightning McQueen “Hey, McQueen! Over here!”

He then later appears with the other World Grand Prix racers when Mater is drinking from the fountain after having too much wasabi, which he thought was pistachio ice cream. He is then seen at the race, which he appears in all three of the World Grand Prix events.

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About the Movie “Cars 2”

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Did Lewis Hamilton feature in the movie Cars 2? What Role did he play? 2

Cars 2 is a 2011 American computer-animated movie that follows the journey of racecar Lightning McQueen. McQueen heads to Japan, Italy and Europe to compete in the World Grand Prix and is based on the adventures that follow McQueen as he chases the coveted title.

The movie is a sequel to 2006’s Cars and the second film in the Cars franchise. The film was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the 69th Golden Globe Awards but lost to The Adventures of Tintin. The movie grossed $562 million worldwide ticket sales.

Apart from Hamilton, the movie also featured prominent F1 drivers of the time who lent their voices. Sebastian Vettel, Vitaly Petrov and Fernando Alonso all featured in the German, Russian and Spanish Release of the movie.

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