F1 calendar with thirty races? Stefan Domenicali says it can be ‘easily’ done

Find out what F1 CEO Stefan Domenicali had to say about holding more F1 races in the future

Stefan Domenicali
Stefan Domenicali

The 2021 F1 season was intense, dramatic and exhausting for teams as the competed in 22 races all season. The 2022 will host 23 races a record number in F1 history with  F1 regulations allowing  a maximum of 25 races per season.

Several teams, drivers, pundits and Fans is now coming forward against holding a greater number of races as it overworks the team and drivers with some arguing that it will make F1 race weekends less exciting if there are multiple triple headers on offer.

Stefano Domenicali ,CEO of Formula One Group, former CEO of Italian sports car manufacturer Lamborghini and  team principal of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team who won their last Formula One World Championship to date. Stefano Domenicali has now expressed opinion on demand for more F1 races and how it can be possible.

Find out what Stefan Domenicali said

Formula One
Formula One

Stefan Domenicali said that there are huge interest old and new race tracks to be part of the F1 calendar and said if there isn’t any restriction there could be over 30 venues F1 can have a deal with tomorrow but Stefan Domenicali added that he can’t do that.

It’s true that there is a big interest for new places – or old places! – to be part of our calendar. I think that with no doubt, without any kind of limitation that is correct to keep, there could be easily over 30 venues that we could do [a deal with] tomorrow, but we cannot go in this direction,Stefan Domenicali told The Race.

Stefan Domenicali went on say that the demand from tracks to organize races is a good problem to have and it’s really good for F1 strategies and future business plans. Stefan Domenicali also said that F1 has plans to keep certain places in the calendar and implementing a rotation strategy for he rests.

It’s a good problem to have, to manage the most important in terms of strategy, in terms of business, in terms of the future of where we have to go,” says Stefan Domenicali

It’s something that we are now understanding as to what is the best grands prix that we want to keep in a stable base, or we may think for certain places where there could be a rotation,” Stefan Domenicali added.

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