F1 front runners Mercedes and Red Bull to pay a ‘whopping’ sum to ensure 2022 grid involvement

The 2021 formula 1 season front runners Red Bull and Mercedes had to pay this whooping amount in order to ensure their drivers participation in 2022 Formula 1 championship.

Mercedes and Red Bull

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen went wheel to wheel throughout formula 1 2021 season outperforming the rest of the grid with their dominant challengers where the later cane out victorious in the dramatic season finisher in Abu Dhabi. Though lost the world title team Mercedes bagged their 8 consecutive time showcasing their dominance in Turbo Hybrid era.

For the 10 teams participating in Formula 1 world championship must pay a base fee of $556,509 to the FIA as per 2022 sporting regulations as participation fee with an additional payment of $5,563 for every point they earn in the championship. Red Bull and Mercedes tops the chart with most amount to pay as they were the front runners for 2021 as per reports by motorsport.com.

The participation  based on the points collected in 2021 means Mercedes who finished the season with 613.5 points the with the help of 387.5 scored by 2021 runner-up Lewis Hamilton and 226 points scored by Valtteri Bottas who moved on to Alpha Romeo. This means Mercedes have to pay a whooping amount of $4,652,848 to secure a place in the grid in 2022. They are paying an amount of $6,677 per point in 2022.

2021 F1 drivers champion Max Verstappen’s team Red Bull have to pay an amount of $3,813,645 in order to secure their place in the grid  there name as  Red Bull collected 585.5 points with champion Max Verstappen scoring 395.5 points and Sergio Perez scoring 190 points.  Red Bull will be paying nearly  $1.4 million more what they had in last year following the championship campaign.

Find out how much teams other than Mercedes and red have to pay to secure their place in 2022


The  fees outlined in the regulations are subject to  increase  as they will be announced annually by the US Cpi Index but as of now Ferrari will pay will be the 3ed highest payer as they are to pay $1 million more than of last year, thanks to their outstanding 2021 season which saw their comeback to top 3, an amount of $2,356,139.

On the other hand,  teams such as are Alpine, Aston Martin and Haas are subjected to pay less than what they have last season thanks  to the underwhelming overall performance they had compared to 2020.  Aston Martin will pay $984,860 this year, compared with $1.6 million last year. With Hass having a $30K and alpine having $180K deficit to pay.

Red Bull$3,813,645$2,384,737+$1,428,908
McLaren$2,086,334$1,718,890+367,444 dollars
Aston Martin$984,860$1,679,053-694,193 dollars
Williams$695,584$569,308+126,276 dollars
Alfa Romeo Sauber$628,828$614,836+$13,992
Credits: Speedcafe.com

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