War has no place in the society and F1 team Haas epitomized that in their decision of removing a Russian brand Uralkali from their livery. Haas will do this to condemn the decisions of the Russian President Vladmir Putin to invade Ukraine.
Nobody wins in the event of a war. Absolutely no one, and people who are in a position of power or can positively influence the society  positively shall do everything in their power to spread this message of peace and harmony and every person and team should take a lead from Haas.

This might go on to cost them a fortune but some things are above money or losing and winning. This is the time for us to come together as a unit and stand for the greater cause. A lot of property might be damaged and people shall die.

Haas leads from the front as the team takes a firm stand against war

Team Haas
Team Haas

Formula 1 has made huge steps in diversifying the sport as drivers and teams from across the world have participated in this mega sport. The racing carnival is as global as any sport can be.

Formula 1 racing global audience in the year 2020 stood at a whopping 433 million viewership. This is time for everyone including the viewers to stand against this event that could put an end to the existence of an entire country.

Haas’s Russian connection is as new as last season but the company has not given it second thought in the wake of the decisions in Russia. Haas had the Russian flags and the brand Uralkali on their car, which had tremendously helped the team secure the funds and also helped Nikita Mazepin get a chance to race in F1 thanks to his father and owner Dmitry, which will be stripped off the next time it goes out on track.

The team clarified said that the brand will only be stripped off but Nikita shall be a member of the team and will drive alongside teammate Mick Schumacher and will take part in Friday’s session as was planned earlier.

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