‘Factory better than some I’ve seen in F1,’ Former F1 driver Romain Grosjean is impressed by his new IndyCar team Andretti Autosport-

Romain Grosjean
Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean retired from F1 at the end of 2020, after having competed for 11 years in the sport. Romain Grosjean has recently signed a contract to race for Andretti Autosport in his second IndyCar season, after having competed for Dale Coyne Racing in the previous season. Andretti Autosport has five Indianapolis 500 victories and four IndyCar championships to its credit and The Andretti name can also be found in Formula E, Extreme E, and Supercars.

It was recently announced that Michael Andretti is attempting to enter Formula 1 in the 2024 season. The Andretti’s claimed to have submitted unspecified paperwork to the FIA, F1’s governing body. But the FIA states that it is in no position to consider bids for a new entrant in F1. Michael Andretti previously attempted to enter Formula One by purchasing a majority stake in the Alfa Romeo team, but the deal fell through in October of last year.

Michael Andretti and Marco Andretti
Michael Andretti and Marco Andretti owners of Andretti Autosport

Romain Grosjean thinks “it’s amazing” that Andretti Autosport is trying to enter F1 and, according to him, the facilities offered by them are better than what some of the F1 teams have to offer.

“It’s in the news, it’s amazing. From the first moment I visited Andretti, I was amazed by the team. By the factory, by everything there. It [the factory] is better than some teams that I’ve seen in Formula 1, the infrastructure. So I know Michael was trying with Sauber, and I’ve seen the news like everybody else. I don’t have any more details on it,” Romain Grosjean told The Race.

“Formula 1 is behind me at the moment” Romain Grosjean not ready to go back to F1 yet

Romain Grosjean
Romain Grosjean

When asked if the prospect of an Andretti F1 entry would entice him to return to F1, Romain Grosjean said  “I think I will focus on IndyCar right now. I’m enjoying it. I’ve had an amazing career in Formula 1. I never thought I would do 10 years and 10 podiums. But I think Formula 1 is behind me at the moment,”

“I’d rather focus on IndyCar. Maybe things will change in a couple of years. I’m really focusing on IndyCar, I fit really well in the States. It’s quite funny to move to a different continent, different language, and feel so good,” Romain Grosjean added.

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