Ferrari ‘resigns’ Mission Winnow as their title sponsor for the new season of F1

Ferrari welcomes back its partner "Mission Winnow" after a break of almost a year

Ferrari's title sponsor Mission Winnow
Ferrari's title sponsor Mission Winnow

Ferrari’s long time sponsor Philip Morris was launched in the year 2018. They brought it certain new technologies which looked like advertising tobacco, which is not allowed to do in F1 for a really long time now. We expected Ferrari to continue with Mission Winnow as their title sponsors in the year 2020 but that wasn’t the case as the team decided to drop them as their sponsors.

They entered the season as Scuderia Ferrari but the 2021 season saw another twist in the talent as Ferrari decided to step into the new season as Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow and its SF21 was launched with a bright green Mission Winnow logo. This bright logo was present both on the engine cover and also on the rear wing. The logo was vividly visible as the brand marked its return to F1.

But then we thought it would be a happily ever after kind of story going into the 2021 season, that wasn’t the case. The same livery of 2020 was used just for the first few races of the season but Ferrari decided to return to their original livery devoid of Mission Winnow and that was the case for the rest of the season as we saw no changes in the livery.

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Ferrari welcomes back its partner “Mission Winnow” after a break of almost a year

Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen unveiling Ferrari's sponsors Mision Winnow
Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen unveiling Ferrari’s sponsors Mision Winnow

Mattia Binotto when asked about the involvement after them dropping in 2021, said, “We are discussing it at the moment.”

“They have been our title sponsor and if you look at the wxay that we subscribe our team to the next championship, it’s not called anymore Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow, but only Scuderia Ferrari.”

“I think that’s quite straightforward as an answer. But still, there are many opportunities on which we may collaborate with them, keeping them as partners.”

“And hopefully that will remain as a strong partner, but it will take some more days and some more weeks.” as reported by the race.

Ferrari’s team principal Mattia Binotto seems to have kept his word as Mission Winnow makes a comeback to F1 after a break of almost a year. We can expect it to be on the new livery soon.

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