Former F1 world champion thinks Max Verstappen will “do things even better” in 2022

Former world champion believe Max Verstappen will be even better in 2022 following his 2021 championship run where he had an intense and dramatic dual with 7 times world champion Lewis Hamilton

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen wrote his story in F1 history book by becoming the  driver, in the hybrid car era, to end the dominant championship run Mercedes and their driver 7 times world champion Lewis Hamilton. Red Bull’s Dutchman Max Verstappen went wheel to wheel with the Lewis Hamilton throughout 2021 with Max Verstappen coming out victorious in the controversial season finisher in Abu Dhabi  breaking the championship point deadlock.

Though Max Verstappen win in Abu Dhabi GP  following the controversial unlapping decision from race director Michael Masi casted shadow on his win, most of the F1 world agree that Max Verstappen deserved it and if not for lack of fortune in certain incidents during the season he could have secured the title even before entering Abu Dhabi.

Max Verstappen is now enjoying a well-earned vacation after the intense title fight readying himself for the upcoming 2022 season which will host new set of regulations and an entirely different  car. Though Max Verstappen will be facing tough competition from his compatriots former F1 world champion  Mario Andretti believes Max Verstappen will be even better this year.  

Mario Andretti say’s thigs will be even better for Max Verstappen in 2022  

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Mario Andretti and Max Verstappen

Mario Andretti said when someone achieves their ultimate goal just like Max Verstappen did in 2021 you will be able to get a lot of pressure of your shoulder which helps you to be more relaxed which will help you to do thing better. Mario Andretti added that Max Verstappen is in a very good place and said max will probably relishes to try to repeat the title glory he fought so hard to get in last year. Mario Andretti acknowledged that when you achieve your ultimate goal things will get better from then on.  

“You can say all you want, but once you accomplish your ultimate goal, a lot of pressures off your shoulders, there’s no better situation than being more relaxed. Sometimes, when you’re in that frame of mind, you just do things even better,” says Mario Andretti.

He’s in a very good place. He fought so hard [for the title] and now he probably relishes to try to repeat it. That’s what drives you, that’s what keeps you motivated. But at least he has that one under his belt, which is huge,” Mario Andretti added.

I can only express what my thoughts were on a situation like that, when you accomplish something that’s your ultimate goal. When you finally do it, oh my goodness, from there on things are all better!” Mario Andretti said.

Mario Andretti on Max Verstappen’s fan base and the Title glory

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Mario Andretti went on to say that we can see how strong Max Verstappen’s fan base is and said Max Verstappen justified the confidence they put in him. Mario Andretti said that’s what one work and sweat for. Mario Andretti added  that all this never comes easy and when you do it right people will appreciate you. Mario Andretti said that things happening to you will be better and you will earn your competitors respect even though some may not show it.  

When you achieve something like that, usually the fans have a different appreciation, you could see how strong Verstappen’s fan base was [last season], by showing these orange plumes [of smoke] and all that. You had grandstands full of them!” Mario Andretti explained.

You have justified their confidence in you, and you know that they have a special appreciation now that you’ve done it, so it’s all good. All of those things are positive, and that’s what you work for, that’s what you sweat for,” Mario Andretti Said.

It never comes easy. That’s why, when you finally do it, the right people actually appreciate it and they show it to you. Things will never be the same, they’ll be better, there’s also respect. There’s a certain degree of respect that you gain, even from your own competitors, whether they show it or not,” Mario Andretti added.

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