Formula 1 Mandates the entire paddock to be vaccinated for 2022 season amidst the rise of Covid-19 infections

Formula 1 wants to play it safe next season as they are introducing vaccination mandates to prevent major waves of covid-19 infection, all individual who are to attend the Formula 1 paddock is mandated to be fully vaccinated

Formula 1
Formula 1 to introduce vaccine mandate

The 2022 Formula 1 season is going to be the 3ed consecutive year where races are going to be held without spectators or with reduced capacities as the new wave of Covid-19 is on the horizon. Formula 1 schedule had undergone multiple changes in short notice over the last two years due restrictions on freedom of travel and special national rules around the globe.  

High profile Formula 1 drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll and Kimi Raikkonen were forced to not compete in races after they were infected with the virus and other star drivers like Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Pierre Gasly and Nikita Mazepin were lucky enough to not to miss a race even though they got Covid-19. Following the unforeseen situation Formula 1 directed teams to adapt strict hygiene and work spatially separated from each other in individual bubbles.

Formula 1 to scrap Bio-bubbles and introduce stringent Vaccine mandate

Formula 1
Formula 1

Formula 1 plans to bring back some normality to the F1 grid which has seen tight restrictions following the Pandemic situation in the last two seasons. In order to achieve this general goal Formula 1 has introduced Mandatory vaccinations not just to the employees of the teams and drivers, but also employees of the F1 management, the FIA,  external partners, VIP guests and representatives of Media.

BBC has reported on the potential restrictions for 2022 season. The report also suggests that there won’t be individual team bubbles for 2022 as followed in the 2 earlier seasons during the pandemic but added that teams should continue to limit the contacts of their employees as much as possible to avoid an uncontrolled spread of the virus

The report suggest that  an individual is not exempt from mandatory vaccination even if they have  already survived Covid-19  infection. But exceptions are given to individuals in cases of hardship with the condition that the they must undergo a strict test program throughout. The number of tests mandated for fully vaccinated are reduced.

However, Formula 1 is not expecting a drama like what happened to tennis superstar Novak Djokovic as the entire driver field is reported to be fully vaccinated. Entry into the USA, Qatar and Saudi Arabia last year for the GP was restricted to vaccinated individuals and in the season finale in Abu Dhabi the Formula 1 paddock entry reserved for vaccinated persons only. The successful completion of these races gives Formula 1 authorities to move forward with the vaccination mandates.  

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