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Christian Horner believes Michael Masi must receive “better support” after Abu Dhabi GP backlash

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has voiced his support for FIA Race Director Michael Masi.

Christian Horner

Red Bull Formula One team principal, Christian Horner has come out backing the Race Director Michael Masi. Horner has also asked for further simplification of rules which could aid the decision-making process.

Formula One race director Michael Masi has come under immense pressure following the safety car controversy during the dying laps of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Due to this, Masi’s job has come under scrutiny and many are asking for a new race director for the forthcoming season.

The FIA has called an investigation of the running of the race with the goal of learning what happened and determining if adjustments are needed for the safety car procedure. The conclusion of this inquiry shall be made public by the opening weekend of the 2022 Formula One season.

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Christian Horner calls for simpler reforms in the sport

Micheal Masi

Since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, MAsi’s future has been hanging on the thread. With an ongoing Investigation in progress, there is a high possibility of him being replaced for the following season. Red Bull’s Christian Horner recently voiced his concern on the pressure of the job and Masi could have taken better decision if he had better support.

The new [FIA] president is putting a key focus on this and I think there’s a big drive to make sure that the race director has better support,” Horner said as quoted by GP Fans. “The tools that we have at our disposal are far in advance of that of Michael and of his team.

“So I think there has been a lot of focus on that over the winter and I think you’ll see that role better supported which will hopefully enable decisions to be [made] easier and swifter. But I think we also need to look at the regulations to simplify some of those as well,” he added.

When asked if the following season was a disappointment due to the controversies, Horner added: “Not really, because the only ones talking about it have been you guys [the media]. We thoroughly enjoyed getting that championship victory and, obviously, the focus is now on 2022. 2021 is already history but we’re excited about the season ahead.”

Masi had directed the contoversial safety car procedure during the last laps of the race. On lap 56 of the race, during which Hamilton was leading, Masi allowed only the five cars directly in front of championship contender Verstappen to unlap themselves before the restart. On the final lap of the race, Verstappen overtook Hamilton on fresher tyres and won the 2021 World Drivers’ Championship.

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