Christian Horner to face reprimand for Qatar GP comments

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner punishment over his comments during Qatar GP of 2021 revealed

Christian Horner
Christian Horner

Christian Horner is set to face punishment for his comments during the Qatar GP of the 2021 season. The Red Bull boss will attend FIA’s two-day International Stewards’ Seminar, scheduled in early February in Geneva, Switzerland.

Christian Horner will be partaking on Sunday at the event. The seminar aims to discuss, address, and refresh the critical points for the people involved as stewards in various FIA competitions. The attendees will also discuss and study different case studies from the past F1 races and other championships.

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Christian Horner issues apology post-incident at Qatar GP

Christian Horner
Christian Horner

Horner made a public apology on Sky Sports and was let off on a warning. “The stewards explained that the marshal concerned was doing his job in precisely the manner prescribed in the International Sporting Code,” Horner said.

“Mr Horner offered to apologize to the marshal concerned and to explain to the media that he meant no offence. He also offered to participate in the 2022 FIA International Stewards Programme in early February. The stewards unreservedly accept Mr Horner’s offer,” the statement read. As a result of this acceptance, the boss will be attending the seminar.

As Max Verstappen had a run on his qualifying lap in Qatar GP, the marshalls showed the Dutch double yellow, following which he failed to slow down his car. The driver received a five place grid penalty on that particular weekend.

While Verstappen was being warned, his boss made some “strong” comments calling a marshall “rogue”. For his statement, Horner received a formal warning from stewards. Race director, Michael Masi, reported Horner to the stewards after learning the comments made by the latter.

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