F1 puts a stop to Russian TV dealings, F1 TV red flagged in Russia

F1 makes it known that they don't want to associate with Russia with them ending Russian TV deals.

Russian Grand Prix
Russian Grand Prix

Formula One has ended its partnership with government-funded Match TV in Russia, and F1TV will no longer be viable in the nation. It follows the championship’s severance of its contract with the Russian Grand Prix in the aftermath of Russia’s escalating attack of Ukraine, as well as the departure of Nikita Mazepin, the grid’s lone Russian driver, due to his previous team Haas’ dissolution of its partnership with primary sponsor Uralkali.

F1 has been a feature of unrestricted television in Russia since 1991, when the Spanish Grand Prix was screened. “The Match TV station was told of the cancellation of our deal to cover Formula One,” said Aleksandr Taschin, the channel’s executive producer. Regrettably, despite our lengthy fulfilment of all financial and marketing obligations, the 2022 campaign will not be broadcast on our network.”

He further commented that he hopes that the numerous motorsport fans in Russia get a chance to still see F1 races in action, commentated by illustrious Russian F1 broadcaster  Alexey Popov. Russia will indeed be blocked from official Formula One video game made by Codemasters, as its downloadable demo, Electronic Arts, has halted selling of products.

More details about F1 displaying contempt towards Russia

Formula One cars on the Russian track
Formula One cars on the Russian track

SMP Racing, a major Russian racing programme, stated earlier today that its racers would be retiring from international tournament in 2022. While this and other nations’ restrictions might potentially make it difficult for SMP Racing to pay its racers’ global programmes, the company claims the choice was reached in response to the FIA’s requirements on Russian and Belarusian individuals who wish to compete.

The criteria were characterized by SMP Racing as “unique” and “very tough.” W Series racer Irina Sidorkova and potential F3 contender Alexander Smolyar, who already had committed on to drive for MP Motorsport, are among the racers who have been affected and so shelved as a consequence.

SMP also stated that Sirotkin’s comeback to worldwide motorsport, which he “intended to compete in the GT World Challenge Endurance Cup,” had been hampered. Previously to SMP’s statement, another notable Russian presence in global racing, G-Drive, had declared its withdrawal from the World Endurance Championship, where ex-Red Bull F1 driver Daniil Kvyat was slated to compete.

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