Ferrari removes Kaspersky’s logo from F1-75’s front wing and from drivers’ helmets following termination with Russian anti-virus provider

Ferrari takes action against Russian sponsor Kaspersky to show their support towards Ukraine.

The Kaspersky logo on the Ferrari car as seen previously
The Kaspersky logo on the Ferrari car as seen previously

The Russia-Ukraine conflict which has had its implications on all industries all over the world has found its way to the sporting industry too where a multitude of sports have had to take appropriate measures to display their contempt towards the inhumane attack on Ukraine. Following American-based racing team Haas terminating their contract with their primary sponsor Uralkali, a Russian potash fertilizer producer and exporter company, Italian-based racing team Ferrari has also followed the footsteps of Haas.

Ferrari who has had a long-term partnership with Russian sponsor Kaspersky, a provider of cybersecurity and anti-virus software since 2010 have parted ways following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Since their association, Kaspersky was featured on drivers’ helmets, the team’s corporate branding elements and on the front wing of the car. Kaspersky also provided cybersecurity and data safeguarding on par with the best in the world.

Although as of now the Kaspersky logo has been removed from the F1-75’s front wing and the drivers’ helmets, they’re still providing anti-virus software to the racing team which has its headquarters in the quaint Italian town of Maranello.

Ferrari gives concrete reasons for removing Kaspersky as their sponsor

Ferrari's F1-75 after removing the Kaspersky logo
Ferrari’s F1-75 after removing the Kaspersky logo

In an official statement issued by the Mattia Binotto-led team, one of the team’s representatives said, “Ferrari believes that, through sport, it can send the message ‘we have your back, we support you’ to all people in trouble in Ukraine. Ferrari and Kaspersky have decided to remove the logos from vehicles and helmets. The Kaspersky logos on the helmets will be replaced with #essereFerrari.” used the expressions.”

Earlier this week , Ferrari came in touch with their philanthropic side and decided to donate a whopping amount of one million euros as humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Ferrari has further worries in hand too in the form of their Russian test driver Robert Shwartzman. According to a universal decision taken by the FIA, Russian drivers on the grid will be forbidden from racing under the Russian flag. They can instead race under a neutral flag of the FIA.

This situation at hand puts Shwartzman’s future in F1 at stake, particularly more so now given the fact that Haas’ works driver Nikita Mazepin got removed from the grid after Haas severing sponsorship relations with Uralkali. Shwartzman’s future will be decided in the next few weeks.

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